“Take a Bite Outta Crime” is Over!

Thanks to all my loyal readers who faithfully looked for “Take a Bite Outta Crime”. I’ve enjoyed posting it and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

I recently took a vote, and a few wonderful people gave me input, on what my next story should be. I decided, based on their votes, to share a novella length story with you called “Sea of Destiny”.

Kyle Scott is a young widower with three children. He’s not dealing well with his wife’s death, so his boss and friend, Web, insists he take a vacation and tells him to book a cruise. Kyle, his children and their housekeeper, Carmelita, embark on a voyage to Mexico. On board, Kyle meets the lovely and frail Emily Geraci. Having just watched his wife wither away from cancer, he knows an ill woman when he sees one. There’s a priest who claims that he can take away any disease and Emily is on her way to see him. Unfortunately, meeting the priest wakes old monsters for Kyle. Can their new blooming love survive?

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