Vote for the Cover of Your Choice!

This fall, Second Wind Publishing will be releasing a new non-fiction book, Novel Writing Tips and Techniques From the Authors of Second Wind Publishing, and we’d like your input! Everyone who votes will win an ebook of the writing handbook when it’s released, and one lucky person will will a print copy. So, please leave a comment and tell us which cover you prefer. Contest ends July 9, 2012

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

Cover #4


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32 responses to “Vote for the Cover of Your Choice!

  1. I vote for cover #4. The font is nice and clean, and the red feather really pops. Excellent job.

  2. Nancy Niles

    I agree, Deborah. I like cover #4 the best.
    Very nice

  3. I like cover #3. This book sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read it!

  4. Number 4. Easy on the eyes, and I like the graphic, although I suggest making the winged runner a little smaller.

  5. dellanioakes

    I like #4 as well. It’s eye catching, easy to see and I like the color choices.

  6. Four is the most pleasing to the eye. The runner logo is about the same size as the inkwell so it detracts from the image of the inkwell. I think runner should be smaller. Major comment I have is that no one uses a quill and ink or even a pen or a pencil anymore so isn’t the concept sort of retro-retro? (Sorry, Noah, I couldn’t help myself.)

  7. I like number 1 the best because it is classic looking. I would make the winged figure a little smaller though. I also like number 4. I agree the red color pops. I also agree the winged figure should be smaller and the authors text a little bigger.

  8. In the first one, I don’t like that the open book is blank. The second one has nice hand-written text in the background, but the not-quite-but-almost-PostIt-pad doesn’t fit the theme. The third one seems all right. The fourth one has pen and ink but no book, so it’s out. Of the four choices offered, I guess my vote would have to be for #3.

  9. Linda Felker

    I like cover number 4 because of the fantastic splash of color

  10. cover four is most appealing

  11. #4. I agree with some of the other comments. The winged runner logo is essential, but should be smaller to catch the eye without taking away from the main cover art.

  12. Perhaps there could be an additional block of type, like from a lead or wooden font. At least that would move it up to the 15th or the 19th century…You could have the angel standing on it. Of course that makes the cover too busy which isn’t good either.

  13. Kenneth

    #2, its the one that draws my attention the most

  14. I like the design of #1 but the font of #4 (it’s easier to read).

  15. J. Linnae

    I’m going to be in the minority but I vote for #2. It’s a clean and crisp layout and professional looking. The only change would be to make the winged runner much smaller or move the runner onto the paper below the title. I liked the graphic on cover #4 but not the font.

  16. They’re all great, but I think I’d have to go with #4.

  17. I like #1 and #4, but I think I’ll vote for #1 mostly because it just seems appropriate to include the image of a book on the cover.

  18. #3 and #4 are too busy for me. My choice is between 1 and 2 and since I’m a little old fashioned, I’ll go with #1.

    My choice: #1

  19. Tammy Anderson

    I like cover #3 the most.

  20. #3 caught my attention right away. That’s the one I vote for.

  21. I like #1, but agree that there should be some indication of print on the pages, or at least the right-hand page; it’s colorful, eye-catching, and the stack of books goes great w/the title. My second choice would be #4, but I’d put the winged graphic to the left of the cover. As is, it looks like it’s running away from writing, not to it, though I’m sure many of us have felt that way at times. 😉

  22. Cover #3 it matches the logo better and its stylish.

  23. Number 1, hands down.
    Number 4 is a distant second.

  24. I vote for #1 because the flow of the cover continues to draw your eye back in.

  25. I would have to vote for #1. I love the old book spines and the colors. Also, the text about the authors is more noticeable.

  26. I like #1 the most. I can’t resist a stack of books and love the warm colors.

  27. Kally Jo Surbeck

    I really like cover number 3.

  28. No. 3 would be my choice.

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