The Criminal Main Character or Hero

I recently ran across a series of novels by Wallace Stroby where the main character is a female burglar.  Crissa  is an interesting character and her life of crime, dreams and ambitions are believable and edge of the seat thrilling at times.

There is a nobleness to her desire to raise enough money to save her lover who is in prison and has been threatened to be killed by other inmates.  He is the one she sticks her neck out for and time and time either the scores are disappointingly smaller than anticipated, or her cronies turn against her and try to steal her share and in some cases, her life.

I like this series because it portrays a different side of life and the pitfalls of a nefarious choice of career.  This type of character has been done before, but all in all seems to be somewhat unchartered territory.

In one of my earlier novels, (now residing in a drawer)  I fell in love with one of characters who was a criminal, street-wise female.  Austen Burke unfortunately came to a bad end in that tale, but I’ve never forgotten her and I may someday revive her to be a main character.

What books have you enjoyed that have a criminal as the main character?  What thoughts do you have on the subject?

Nancy Niles is the author of Vendetta: A Deadly Win


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2 responses to “The Criminal Main Character or Hero

  1. Interesting. I remember I used to enjoy the Saint, the Baron etc on TV as a kid–edgy characters who weren’t quite good guys but did good.

  2. It seems we can like bad boys and bad girls who are, well, likeable. I can’t think of any particular characters, but I found that to be true working with inmates. The ones who were upfront about what they had done, those who were friendly, etc., were easy to work with and be around.

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