Last week I took a test in order to move up to a higher position with the company I’m working for.  It was a very strange test.  It seemed they were not as interested in testing on what I knew, but rather in how I worked through false premises and tricky questions.

All the questions were to be answered either true or false.

I love words and know how the same words when put in a different order can mean something completely different.  Such as, going to the police station to fill out a lost or stolen report does not mean the same thing as filing a police report.

For once my attention to detail came into play and got me through that test.  I passed but felt strangely abused by that experience.  It just seemed they were deliberately trying to mislead and mess me up.  I even wondered if I wanted to keep working for people who would devise such a devilish exam.

And then I realized they probably paid some company a lot of money to come up with those questions.  Did that test tell them things about my personality, my IQ, my attention span?  I felt invaded and that made me wonder how vulnerable my mind really is.  And that brought an inkling of a story into my head and in fact, it just may be something that is really happening right now.

I imagine there are people who study what we buy, what movies we see, books we read and activities we do in our spare time.  What do all these things reveal about us?  Would it be too far-fetched to believe there are organizations that do nothing more than study people in order to predict behaviors and preferences?  I think this would go further than Big Brother.  I believe there are studies being done right now on how to invade people’s minds and gain insight into their personalities, thoughts and desires.  It is a bit frightening.

Have you had any experiences where it seemed you were being observed against your will?  Or realized you’d somehow been manipulated into giving out information about yourself without realizing it?  Big Brother on steroids!

Nancy A. Niles is the author of Vendetta: A Deadly Win, published by Second Wind Publishing.


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2 responses to “TESTING

  1. Sherrie Hansen

    Sounds like a great premise for a story!

  2. Funny you should mention that. I just wrote a blog post about the NSA surveillance — http://ptbertram.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/surveillance-poisoning-the-soul-of-a-nation/

    The CIA was involved in extensive mind control experiments for decades.

    Besides agencies such as the CIA NSA, there are dozens of think tanks that are studying what you buy, what books you get from the library, what you do, and why so that they can get you to do what they want.

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