Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 44

Scott’s stepped up to help. It could be a horrible mistake, but he’s not willing to let anymore innocents be harmed. Walking into a den of angry vampires may not be his smartest move, but he’s got an entire army at his back.

 The other vampires dug in their packs and handed the human a half dozen flash grenades. With the ones he’d been given, he had nine. They knew what Scott suspected, not even the lotion they wore could protect them from the concentrated light.

“Help me dig in,” Scott said.

The vampires dug into the ground. The earth was loose where Dietrich had disappeared. They lowered Scott into the hole, standing out of blast range. Scott had pulled the pin before they dropped him. Not knowing what he was getting into was the most terrifying thing he’d ever experienced. He suspected he was probably surrounded. In fact, he could hear and smell the vampires, brushing against one as the dropped to his feet.

“Bleeder.” They hissed and growled. One grabbed his shirt, trying to bite him.

Scott dropped the flash grenade and covered his eyes with dark glasses. He felt the heat as the weapon went off. Screams and roars of pain followed. He already had two more grenades ready. Tossing one ahead and the other behind as far as he could, he dashed forward on instinct and adrenalin. More screams and wails accompanied his wild dash.

Hands grabbed at him only to fall away. Figuring he was beyond blast radius once more, he lobbed another. Moments later, he came to a steel reinforced wooden door. He couldn’t hear anything beyond it, but the screams and yowls of the injured vamps masked any sound. Fumbling with the door, he eased it open. He could tell there were more vampires inside. He could hear them and smelled their damp earth scent.

Terrified, he walked through the door and was miraculously unharmed. A voice spoke to him from his right. A faint light shone through what looked like a dungeon door.

“Scott?” Someone whispered.

“Tommy?” He walked toward the sound. “I found him,” he reported to the others. “The tunnel is clear. I’m in an underground room.”

“We’re coming in,” Nero said.

The screaming behind him stopped abruptly and Scott knew his friends had killed the injured vampires.

“Don’t come any closer,” Tommy said. “I think they’ve got the room trapped. “Wait for help.”

Scott reported the information to the team. Soon, he was joined by Kirk and the others.

“Are you the only one down here?” Kirk asked Tommy as he and the team checked the area for traps.

“They’ve got the kidnapped vamps down here too. I talked to a couple of them earlier. They’re in bad shape.”

“And the other human?” Nero asked.

“I think he’s dead,” Tommy said sadly.

Sounds of fighting echoed down the stairs. The cavalry had arrived. Someone grunted over to the side and an odd smell filled the room.

“Oh, shit,” Kirk whispered.

“What?” Scott asked.

“Go to the stairs. Tommy, get to the back of your cell. And try not to breathe too much.”

Doing as they were told, the two humans found it difficult to draw a breath. Eyes watering, noses running, the coughed and gagged. Scott got halfway up the stairs before he collapsed. Nero caught up with him, dragging him up the stairs. He stood guard over the downed human as he tried to get his breath back.

Several minutes later, Kirk and Oded carried Tommy up the stairs, setting him to one side. Clovis brought up the rear. Once he could speak, Scott asked what had happened.

“Gas,” Kirk explained. “It’s hard on us, deadly to humans. I hope we got him out in time.”

Tommy didn’t look good. He lay, barely breathing, in the alcove at the top of the stairs. Sounds of battle raged around them as Tommy gasped for breath.

“Call Margo,” Kirk said as he watched the young man choke. “I don’t think…..” He gulped, not wanting to admit that his friend was dying.

Nero contacted Margo’s team leader. Meanwhile, the crouched by the young human, guarding him against the others. So far, no one had found their hiding place. A few more vampires struggled up the stairs behind them, gasping and coughing. They had obviously been prisoners. Their clothing was tattered and filthy. Many of them looked like they’d been brutally tortured and beaten. For a vampire to show damage, it had to have been horrific.

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