You walk into a bookstore.

 You see a volume that interests you, Love in Opposing Colors. You pick it up and read the opening, which is below. After scanning the opening, would you want to continue reading the novel or put it down? That is the question. I’d appreciate your response.


Calvin Davis, author of novel The Phantom Lady of Paris.

Chapter One

        The year, nineteen-sixty-two. Not a good year for me. I was facing a slew of problems: young, fresh out of college, book-wise, life-foolish, floundering, broke — and black. So why would I choose that year, a year of explosive racial turmoil, to fall in love with a white woman? In the sixties doing so was a first class ticket from Bye-Bye-Peace-Of-Mind to Hello-Headaches — one way.

Why did I fall in love with her? I didn’t intend to. All I know is I did, we “married,” and then…BAM! Tsunamis of troubles flooded our lives. When they came, their arrival didn’t make much sense to me, but now, a few years later, time enough to look back, to sort through the rubble and try and find some pattern and meaning in the whole, they do. By that I mean they make as much sense as falling in love will ever make. For love has its own peculiar logic, and only those who have found love, longed for it or…lost it…will ever understand.

And what did I learn from it all? What was the big-deal lesson? There was no big-deal lesson. But after what happened, I came to understand a few simple but undeniable facts. One: love will never be dictated by fashion or decree. And two: even in spite of overwhelming forces often opposing it, love is as endless as time. Even Death, though it tries, will never stop it, for like time and the human spirit, love endures beyond the grave.

Chapter Two


Karen Ennslaw?  I hated that woman! That’s the way I felt about her when I met her. I abhorred her guts, her name, the sound of the name, the sight of her, the way she walked, talked, gestured, breathed and the fact she breathed at all. Even the air she breathed I hated, hated for allowing her to inhale it free of asphyxiation.

The reason? Karen gave every indication of being the nastiest witch-witch hybrid the world has known. When and where did I first lock horns with this human phenomenon? Date: June l7, l962, the first day on my new job at Giles and Sons, a public relations firm in Washington, DC. It was a memorable day, the day my life had meltdown.


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7 responses to “HELP WANTED!

  1. It’s easier now. In those days we were young married students ourselves who lived in a 4-plex with others like us. Upstairs lived one of those early daring interracial couples. They fought like cats and dogs sometimes, but so did we. There are many stresses on young couples besides the financial ones, as you know. Her parents disapproved; his parents disapproved even more. The going was tough. As you say, though, love is free and goes where it wants to go.

    And to cut to the chase: Yes! I’d read this book! Beautiful prose.

    • Dear Juliet, Thanks for taking the time to reply to my blog “Help Wanted.” It was kind of you to do so. I appreciate your help. I fell in love with your phrase “cat mother.” I’d never heard it before. It’s verydescriptive. I immediately got the image the term wished to convey. I congratulate you. Most creative. I read your comments to my wife. She was delighted. She said she didn’t care what anyone elsecommentedabout the blog, shetold meshe would “go” with yours. I think she’s right. If otherssay they would not read another line of the novel, I won’t be offended. What you said has given me inspiration. Again, thanks. Calvin Davis

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      Link to my book trailer–


  2. I’d prefer a sense of conflict or something to make me curious.

  3. I like the writing, but chapter 2 is what grabs me.

  4. Yes, chapter two has made me want to read it too.

  5. I was hesitant at the first sentence as it really wasn’t that catching but all the rest of them are. You really get a sense of his romantic side and despair at living in a time when such a mixed racial relationship was frowned upon.

    Although I didn’t have to go through that terrible ordeal as I was born after the worst of it, I am not blind to what continues to happen and thinking reading anything about it in this point of view will help change the world.

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