This is a very sad time of the year for me because this is the time my dear friend left this earth.  March 20th  was her 1st year birthday with the angels.  She felt that angels exist and I think that when we die we experience what we believe in.  I think of her death date as a birth date in a better place.  But, I still feel very sad.

The last few days it has been difficult just to get up out of bed, get dressed and go to work.  I feel lost within my own life wondering where my life is going and what my future holds. Most days I just go through the motions and do what I need to do to survive. This morning was no different and little did I know that something wonderful awaited me today, something that would make me happy that I’d dragged myself from that warm, soft cocoon and forced myself out into the world.

I start this story by telling you that I love cats, I’ve had cats all my life and I understand most of the ways of cats and I communicate very well with cats.  Cats get into habits and whenever one of my cats acts differently from what I’ve come to know him to do I take notice.

Every day when I come home my big male cat, Murphy is in the backyard where I park my car.  He is usually on the old chaise lounge and he greets me and comes inside.

Today when I got home he was not there.  My backyard is not fenced in and I started to put the key in the backdoor lock, but something niggled at the back of my mind.  Where was Murphy?  Why was he not there?  Something was up and I needed to investigate.

I found Murphy at the edge of my property standing next to a full grown, large grey cat who was hunkered down in the grass not moving.  At first I thought the strange grey cat had a broken back.  I tentatively petted its head.  It seemed tame, but it still would not get up or move.

I brought it a bowl of food and it rose up and began eating. “ So”, I thought, “it’s not hurt, or at least not too badly considering how it’s scarfing up the food.”

But there was still something wrong with the cat.  I moved the bowl of food and the cat obviously could not see where it had gone.  This cat was blind!  Stone cold blind!  This cat could not see anything at all.

I remembered seeing a LOST flyer taped to the light post a couple of streets over from my house.  I took the cat inside and put her in my bathroom to keep her away from my cats.  I found the flyer and the picture was of the cat I had found.

A wonderful feeling came over me.  I called the number and the people were so happy that I’d found their beloved blind cat that they’d had for over 15 years.  Having cats I know that these animals are like children to me and it’s very heartbreaking when they die or get lost and are never found.  These animals give unconditional love and I always told my friend that cats are really angels in disguise.  In fact it was due to a cat that we found out my friend had lung cancer, and she was able to get treatment and extend her life, but that is a different story.

Anyway, the people came and got their cat and the woman was crying with gratitude.  The cat had been lost for three days and most assuredly would have died out there on its own.

The great weight of sadness and grief grew lighter and right now I can say that I am grateful to be alive.  My presence here brought a lot of joy to those two people, and the cat!  Even though I started the day feeling lost, I realize I’m right where I’m supposed to be and so was that lost cat. Today I received a blessing and I like to think that somehow my friend guided that blind cat to me.

Nancy A. Niles is the author of: Vendetta: A Deadly Win, Lethal Echoes and The Mill


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3 responses to “FOUND

  1. Wow, Nancy. I can relate. Sometimes when I’m feeling downright downtrodden something happens, similar to your experience, that leaves me feeling rejuvenated. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Sherrie Hansen

    What a heartwarming story! You were at the right place at the right time, and you made someone very happy. What a wonderful gift to you and to them.

  3. What a perfect title for this post, Nancy. How wonderful that you found a bit of yourself and a bit of happiness along the lost cat.

    I envy your belief that your friend is with the angels.

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