Got a second? I’d like you to read a short story of 8 words I found in the obituary section of a newspaper. I gave it a title of:

“Love Everlasting.”


Obituary: In paper on Jan. 7, 2012

“Married 73 years, couple dies 4 hours apart.”

Stories are everywhere. What is not said in this one is as important as what is said. Hemingway once said that it’s not what you put into a story that is important. It’s what you take out.

Who knows? Maybe the next short article or email you recieve will be nominated for a Noble Prize in Literarure. Be alert!

Calvin Davis is the author of The Phantom Lady of Paris.



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  1. Fading out together! I read obits all the time, and only very occasionally do you see anything that story-full!

    This is probably not uncommon among devoted couples. My aunt and uncle died two days apart. In fact, when it was clear he was dying, she started to rush to get there first. They’d been married 60 some years, since graduating from HS.

  2. Yes, stories are everywhere! Seventy-three years together, wow!

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