Take a Bite Outta Crime – part 41

With their two police detective friends, Drea, Kirk and Margo decide to arm themselves and confront those who are behind this string of disappearances. Now that Tommy’s been kidnapped, the matter has become much more urgent. Will they reach him in time? Could he already be dead?

 “Doesn’t that make it that much more difficult?” Sandra looked worried.

“Yes and no. At least we know what kind of firepower to take to the fight,” Kirk said as he whipped out a cellphone.

The humans looked on, puzzled, as he seemed to speak in code. Margo knew that was precisely what he was doing. It was a simple system that Andres had implemented as soon as he came into power. It was as much a part of them as blood drinking. Kirk had quickly and efficiently conveyed the information to their coven what he’d discovered.

Minutes later, two limos pulled up. The rear doors popped open. Kirk took Scott in one with him while Margo and Sandra got into the other. There were three other vampires in each car. All of them were armed and ready for a fight.

“Do you require weapons?” The driver asked the women.

“Please,” Margo replied.

The man in the backseat with her and Sandra opened a hatch in front of him and started handing Margo a wide array of weapons.

“I suppose I shouldn’t ask if you have a license for those,” Sandra said wryly.

Margo chuckled. “We’re all very legit. We each hold a concealed weapons license, among many other things. We don’t purposely break the law, Sandra. It’s far better for all of us if we do things legally, flying just above the radar. It’s far easier to hide within a crowd than without it.”

Margo handed Sandra a lightweight vest with a mesh gorget to go around her neck. “The vest will stop both bullet and blade,” Margo explained. “Some of our more archaic members prefer swords to guns.”

“My Kevlar can’t do that,” Sandra spoke in awe as she put on the lightweight vest. “And this?” She fingered the gorget cautiously.

Margo cast her eyes at the young human woman. “I should think it was obvious. Even we can be harmed by a bite. Best to protect against it. Though we can bite and feed from anywhere, the neck is traditional and most vulnerable. It also protects against a blade.”

Sandra gulped. “Thank you,” she mumbled.

Margo took her hand, gazing into the young human woman’s eyes. “You can stay outside,” she told her. “We’ll need someone on backup. You needn’t be in the thick of it.”

Sandra shook her head. “I don’t back out when friends need me, Margo. But you have to admit, this is somewhat unsettling.”

Margo considered for a moment. “Yes, had I encountered this when I was your age, I’d have found it disturbing as well. To be honest, even now, as long as I’ve lived, it’s still frightening. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that somewhere out there, the man I love is in danger. I’ll do whatever I must to save him.”

It was Sandra’s turn to comfort now. She hugged the other woman close. “We’ll find him and bring him safely home, Margo. Don’t worry.”

They rode for nearly 45 minutes before coming to a crossroads. To the north and west, the paved road continued. To the east, a rutted track continued as far as the eye could see. Several cars waited for them, their occupants pacing around the deserted highway. Margo saw Drea and leaped from the car as it slowed. Sandra followed when the car stopped.

Drea saw her friend and ran to her. “Any further word?” She asked.


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2 responses to “Take a Bite Outta Crime – part 41

  1. I love this story. Hope it turns into another cool mystery series.

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