Rubicon Ranch Final Touches by Deborah J Ledford

I’ve been performing the final content edits for Rubicon Ranch: Book One Riley’s Story, the collaborative novel I’ve had the opportunity to be part of.

This was the first time I’ve collaborated on a full length novel, and the challenges were quite interesting. In the beginning I had a complete picture of what I wanted my character, retired Lieutenant Colonel Eloy Franklin, to achieve during this journey. And yet with ideas coming from eight other writers I soon realized I needed to go with the flow and not make any final decisions about what I would write until it came time for me to present Eloy’s following chapters. I enjoyed exploring the twists and turns of Eloy’s tortured life—especially the fact that he isn’t anything like the persona he presents to the public. I love this old guy!

This has been a fascinating challenge and I wish to thank my fellow collaborators Lazarus Barnhill, Eric Beetner, Nichole R Bennett, Pat Bertram, JJ Dare, Christine Husom, J B Kohl and Nancy Niles for your extraordinary efforts and talent. It has been an honor working with you.

Pat Bertram has been our fearless leader, keeping the writers on track, alerting us about inconsistencies that need to be fixed, and as all around point woman for the entire project. Thanks, Pat, for wrangling the cats!

If you’re not aware, Second Wind Publishing has been releasing individual chapters of Rubicon Ranch: Book One, Riley’s Story, so if you’re anxious to see what we’ve been working on, here’s the link to what’s available so far. The entire print version of Rubicon Ranch will be available by Second Wind Publishing later this year, so look for announcements about this upcoming release.

And a BIG thank you to our publisher, Mike Simpson, for giving us the opportunity to add another full-length novel to our publishing credits.

Since the first Rubicon Ranch has been such a big hit, Second Wind has given us the opportunity to write a continuation. Four other authors with books published by Second Wind will be added to the mix: Claire Collins, J. Conrad Guest, Mickey Hoffman and Dellani Oakes. I look forward to getting started on Book Two of Rubicon Ranch.

Deborah J Ledford’s latest suspense thriller novel SNARE, The Hillerman Sky Award Finalist, is book two of her Deputy Hawk/Inola Walela thriller series. STACCATO, book one of the serial, is also available. Both novels are published by Second Wind Publishing. To find out more about Deborah, receive a Free Download of the first chapters of her novels, and to read a few previously published short stories, she invites you to visit her website.


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6 responses to “Rubicon Ranch Final Touches by Deborah J Ledford

  1. So glad you’re a part of Rubicon Ranch, Deborah! I love your professionalism and your willingess to go with the flow of the story. It turns our project into a cross between a collaboration and a role-playing game.

    Rubicon Ranch really is a great project, and oddly — considering that we all have been working in the dark, not having any idea where the story is going until we get there — it turned out to be a good book.

    It’s been an honor working with all the authors, and I look forward to a continuation of the project; I’m alsoe glad to have an opportunity for more interactions with my character, Melanie Gray, a grieving woman with a penchant for finding dead bodies.

  2. Thanks, Pat. Yeah, I hope we can find a way to put Eloy and Melanie together more in Rubicon Ranch Book Two. Surely some mischief can be created.

    • Well, he does have her book. Could be a fun scene. She’s still spooked by him, so when she walks by his house, he could call out her name, maybe invite her inside. And when she refuses, he could bring the book out, and she realized he’s not who he appears to be. Could be a fun scene! And together they come up with a clue to the murder to further solidify their bond.

  3. I’ve enjoyed following the story, off and on, and often wondered how it felt for the authors to find characters and situations heading in somewhat unplanned directions.

  4. This project was quite the journey, Sheila. The really fun element is that none of us who “whodunnit” until nearly every chapter was written.

  5. It went amazingly well, considering how many characters (real and fictional) were involved. I appreciated the level of excellence and professionalism. It was a fun challenge!

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