1000 Posts and Going Strong!!!

Yesterday, we hit our 1000th post! An incredible accomplishment, and it’s all due to the wonderful Second Wind authors who give up a day or two a month to bring you such articles as A Love Letter From Me to You by Sherrie Hansen, the inspirational and touching 1000th post. Sherrie ends her post with a most profound statement: “What is a book, if not a love letter written to our readers?”

Too often, writers get caught up in the story and forget why they are really writing — to share their vision, their world, their  love. In such a way, blog posts, too, are love letters, carefully crafted to connect with those who might stop by and comment. 4,922 comments have been left on this blog, which means almost 5,000 moments where a blog author connected to a reader. That is truly awesome!

Here are a few of those remarkable 1000 posts:

Top of the World at Just the Right Moment by Norm Brown talks about a stunning moment when he was in the right place at the right time. And check out his classic Do Not Lean, which was “Fresh Pressed” here on WordPress.

The Trouble With Birthdays by J. Conrad Guest is a celebration of life, baseball, and summer. And If the Novel is Dying, What’s That Say About Imagination? is a celebration of reading.

Writer Beware–POV Confusion/Character Overload by Juliet Waldron explains the dangers of too many point of view shifts.

Chemistry and Subtext by Lucy Balch tells how writers can enhance the budding romances in their books.

How living in Germany Helped Me Become a Better Writer by Coco Ihle talks about the importance of detailing subjects familiar to the author, but possibly unique or unconventional to someone else.

The Joys of Lying to Children by Noah Baird I had a hard time choosing which Noah Baird post to highlight, but lying to children is perhaps even funnier than Vasectomies For Beginners by Noah Baird. Or not.

Compelled to Compare by Sherrie Hansen talks about appreciating what she has, both as a woman and a writer, but my favorite is Don’t Keep Me Hanging Too Long!

Are You Happy? by J J Dare talks about being happy and feeling heated rush the assassin feels right after he pulls the trigger. Um, yeah. You’ll have to read the post. Or this read this one instead: Goodbye, Mr. Phobia by J J Dare.

Writing what you know by Nichole Bennett talks about writing what you’re comfortable with and researching the rest.

On Butt Glue, Diplomacy, and Lying: Lessons Learned by Laura Wharton talks about the lessons she learned in her first year as a published writer.

Isabella’s Smile and the Miracle in Dakota Park — by Calvin Davis is a delight parable for writers and everyone who needs a bit of assurance that sometimes the impossible is really possible.

Excuse me? What? by Dellani Oakes talks about the ways in which writing is like childbirth. If you’re an author, you will probably agree.

Killer Cocktail Events in Minnesota by Christine Husom talks about the Midwest Booksellers Association annual trade show. Be sure to stop by and tell her about trade shows you’ve gone to.

Interview With Deborah J Ledford, Author of Snare and Staccato

Excerpt From “School of Lies” by Mickey Hoffman

DO YOU GESTALT? by Nancy A. Niles talks about role playing to get to know your characters.

Traveling Thoughts by Mairead Walpole talks about the magic of the Florida sun.

What You Write Matters by Pat Bertram reminds us that writing has an affect on the people who read it so use your power wisely.

and don’t forget the Second Wind Short Story Contest!! The deadline is December 31, 2011, so you still have plenty of time to enter.


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4 responses to “1000 Posts and Going Strong!!!

  1. Hey– congrats on the milestone! Great blog too.

  2. What an incredible accomplishment! I’m proud to be a contributor to this blog.

  3. Sherrie Hansen

    Congratulations to all of us and to Mike and Tracy, who gave us the opportunity to find our voices and talk to the world when they followed through on their dream and started Second Wind Publishing.

  4. Wow, I’m so flattered to have one of my blogs considered remarkable! Second Wind has lots of great writers and I enjoy reading their posts, too! Kudos to us all!

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