A Hobby That Just Happened by Norm Brown

Last December I posted a little blog titled “A Real Backyard Mystery” describing an incident that happened around that time. Here’s a link to it. I’ll wait for you back here.


One of my more eccentric neighbors was spotted hunting with a bow and arrow on the wooded hill right behind my house. Then one day I discovered the body of a doe lying underneath my rear deck. For Christmas that year my son thoughtfully gave me one of those outdoor infrared cameras that takes a photo of anything moving day or night. In hopes of catching the hunter in the act, I strapped it to a tree facing across a wide trail that leads down my hill. It is a well beaten path and appears to have been in use for a very long time. In fact, over the years I have found several old flint arrow heads in the limestone gravel near the camera site. The more recent trespasser never returned to the scene of the crime. In fact, that neighbor’s house eventually sold and they moved away. My camera, however, is still there. It has been busy all this time capturing images of my other neighbors, the furry wild kind. I check the camera every few weeks and have been surprised by the variety of wildlife that traverse that section of trail, no more than seventy-five feet from my back porch. This has become a bit of a hobby. Each time I get a little kick out of downloading the photos to my computer, anticipating what might appear.

Below are some of the more interesting life forms that have wandered past the “trap.”



Sneaky Fox

A Rather Large Bob Cat

Those who have read my novel Carpet Ride might recognize this gravelly downhill trail and the wooden deck pictured in the earlier blog as the inspirations for some of the later hill country scenes in the book.

Norm Brown is the author of the suspense novel Carpet Ride, published by Secondwind Publishing, LLC.


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7 responses to “A Hobby That Just Happened by Norm Brown

  1. What a great hobby! And fabulous photos. Must be a real thrill when you actually “catch” a critter.

  2. Wow, Norm. I thought I had a lot of wildlife here in my Florida suburban neighbothood: Racoons, Armadillos, black snakes, opossums, rabbits, fruit rats, frogs and toads, hawks and small birds. How fantastic to have these creatures on film! Thanks for sharing.

    • The animals in the photos were pretty much minding their own business, but some you mention can really be pests. My nemesis currently is an armadillo that keeps digging up what little lawn I have left from the drought. Then there was the bat that somehow got in the house and set off the alarm while I was out of town.

  3. Those are great cameras–we have one, too. And you got some wonderful and surprising (like the bobcat) shots.

  4. Donnie

    I guess that when we’re there for Thanksgiving we’ll need to keep the kids inside after dark. I’ll volunteer to watch them if anyone has to go outside.

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