Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 27

Kirk and Drea were similarly engaged, reassuring one another. Soon after, they fell deeply asleep until the phone rang around 2:00.

Bleary eyed and angry, Kirk answered. “Mph?”

“Mr. Nunne? It’s Detective Perelman. Did I wake you?”

“It’s okay. Did you find out something?”

“We’re still tracking down leads. However, we did get a fairly good match on those prints we found. We pulled in a few suspects and have a lineup. We’d like you and your wife to come down and take a look.”

“Sure. When?”

“Is 3:00 convenient?”

“Yeah. We can do that.”

“Excellent. I’d be happy to send a ride for you.”


“They’ll be at your hotel in 45 minutes.”

“K. I’d better wake Drea then.”

“See you soon.”

“Wake me why?” Drea yawned and stretched, the sheets sliding aside to reveal her breasts.

Kirk had to control his urge to make love to her again, knowing they were on the clock. He explained as they showered and dressed.

“No breakfast? I’m starving.”

“Room service,” her husband said. “We’ll get botulism to go.”

“Order something portable while I put on my face.” She went into the bathroom to put on her makeup.

Their breakfast came a few minutes before the car arrived. Kirk had ordered coffee and a variety of pastries. They found the food surprisingly good. The coffee was perfect. They filled insulated mugs that Drea had bought for them, taking that and the rest of the pastries in the car. The driver was grateful for the rolls.

“I missed breakfast,” he admitted. “Got a new baby at the house and she kept us up most of the night. You got any kids?”

“No,” Drea said rather sadly.

She remembered the fact that she’d had a daughter once, but the child died long ago. The Black Death claimed young and old, rich, poor, healthy or weak. Her child, 10 years old, died in 1350 as it swept Europe. Drea nearly died herself. Had Andres not turned her when he did, she would surely have joined her daughter. The illness left her unable to have another child.

“Sorry, I guess I touched on a bad subject.”

“It’s just, we weren’t ever able,” Drea said softly. She blinked away a tear.

“I apologize,” the driver said. “That’s what I get for opening my big mouth.” He didn’t say another word the rest of the ride.

Drea and Kirk were ushered into the station by their driver. They were checked for weapons and taken to the inner sanctum of the building where they were met by Detective Perelman and Officer Scott.

“We’ve got quite an array to show you,” Sandra said. “If you’ll follow me.”

They walked into a quiet, dark room. A large window dominated one wall. In front of them was a well lit room. Horizontal black lines marked heights on the wall.

Sandra spoke to someone by microphone telling them they were ready. A door in the other room opened and a wide variety of men filed in.

“They can’t see or hear you, so there is no need to be afraid,” Sandra assured them. “Do you recognize any of these men?”

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