Your Novel as a Musical?

            I recently finished doing makeup for South Pacific. This is a 1949 musical, music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan. The story is taken from James A. Michener’s 1948 novel, Tales of the South Pacific.  Do you think Michener was envisioning a musical when he wrote this Pulitzer Prize novel? I’ve read blogs and articles where authors discuss possible movie rights for their novels, but I don’t think I’ve read where they have considered the story being adapted for a musical.  So, thinking big, I tried to envision my characters from Loving Lydia breaking into song.  I can see my heroine, Lady Lydia Demains, being moved at particular times, and they would be deep and meaningful lyrics.  My hero, Lord Alexander Wake, on the other hand, not so much.  Okay, to be honest – never.  As for the other characters, maybe a few have it in them, but not enough to carry a show.

            So, I guess this novel won’t make it to Broadway, nor do I think my next release, Pure is the Heart, is a good candidate either.  I suppose if I want to see my show in lights I need to develop characters who have a song in their heart.

            What about you? Have you ever envisioned your novel on the silver screen, as a stage play or entertaining musical?  Try to picture your novel or WIP as a musical. What is your first reaction?


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2 responses to “Your Novel as a Musical?

  1. dellanioakes

    I can see my novels as movies, in fact I kind of have a movie effect in my head as I write. “Indian Summer” a musical? Hmm…. Well…. I guess I could see Gabriella burst into song about how much she loves Manuel, but I sure can’t see him doing the same. Nor can I imagine him singing a romantic duet with her. Basically, if there was singing to be done, she’d have to do it. He’d dance and be all sexy like, but won’t open his mouth to sing a note.

    The character of Wil in “The Lone Wolf” is tone deaf. I don’t think we want to hear him sing, do we? I think he’d rather shoot himself in the foot than try to carry a tune. I don’t think a space based sci-fi really lends itself to Broadway.

  2. christinehusom

    A number of people have asked me if my Winnebago County series is going to be made into movies–I’d love that! But as a musical, no. in fact, I got a chuckle thinking of my characters trying to sing and dance their way in the sheriff’s dept and at crime scenes.

    I love musicals–and in fact, was in our community theater production of “South Pacific” a few years ago.

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