It’s Not A Problem, It’s An Opportunity

“It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity.” So my sister likes to say. But when I got notice from the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) that I needed to complete forty-eight continuing education credits in the next few months, it seemed like a problem.

We are in the middle of restructuring and moving our business. I am involved in a number of community and church projects. I have grandchildren to help care for, and a home to maintain. Spare time have I none. I haven’t even had a chance to work on my latest book for more than a few hours here and there in the last two months.

But wait. I have my mystery thriller series to think about, and taking some law enforcement courses would give me more current information and increase my knowledge base. Maybe it was an opportunity after all.

I checked the POST Board website for the list of approved upcoming courses. Most were one-day, eight hour classes for eight credits. I discovered I was interested in far more classes than I was required to take. After some deliberation, I narrowed it down to five, one-day classes and two, half-day classes.

My first class this past week was taught by a former Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Investigator and current law enforcement instructor. He wove stories from his career in with his impressive knowledge and experience base. I also talked to him about being a guest speaker at one of our Twin Cities Sisters in Crime meetings and he was very interested.

One of my classes upcoming is on Investigating Internet Related Criminal Offenses. A requirement is to bring a laptop computer, but I don’t have a laptop. Is that my sister whispering in my ear that this is the opportunity I’ve been looking for to buy one? And as disappointed as I was that Mayhem in the Midlands was cancelled, the refund money will make my purchase more doable.

Although I will probably never say, “It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity,” out loud, I guess saying it to myself from time to time doesn’t hurt.

 Christine Husom is the Second Wind Publishing author of Murder in Winnebago County, Buried in Wolf Lake, and An Altar by the River.


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3 responses to “It’s Not A Problem, It’s An Opportunity

  1. Rich C

    Someone once said “If you want something done ask a busy person.” You certainly fit the bill – what a full plate!
    You have at least 2 options on the laptop. About 6 months ago, we got Sue a netbook. The advantages are that it is light weight, small enough to put in her purse and was cheaper than a laptop computer. thats fine when she “takes it on the road.” But the keyboard was too small and no mouse, so I hooked up a wireless keyboard and mouse. The screen was too small so I hooked up a 24″ screen (so much for being cheaper).
    Another option is a laptop. I had one that was huge (I wanted a number pad) so the screen was very adequate and the keyboard was standard. I still had to add a mouse (I hate that little touch pad thingy).
    The opportunities – class work, but also toting it to book signings (if it gets a little slow you could pull it out to work on outlines or notes (probably too distracting for actual manuscript work). This might also work with idle times at the business or with the grand kids.
    The classes sound like interesting opportunities.

  2. Jeannine M. Larcom

    It sounds like it is all part of God’s plan for you Christine! You are a great author and I can’t wait until you complete your next book and I can go off on another adventure with Corky. It sounds like this is a chance for you to spread your wings and go on to bigger things!

  3. christinehusom

    Thanks Rich and Jeannine. You’re right, Rich, there is a lot more flexibility with a laptop and I’ve been wanting one for some time–now I’ll make it work! Jeannine, you are too kind and her next adventure is a pretty good one, I think 🙂

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