My Olmec Rendezvous

WordPress is starting an experiment in blogging motivation. A blogger makes a commitment to post for a year, and to help, WordPress will send daily prompts. I considered signing up since blogging is my life (well, not really my life, though I am an aficionado with more blogs than one person can manage in a lifetime). I’d resolved to blog more anyway, turning some of my clogs into plogs. (A clog is an abandoned blog that serves only to clog cyberspace, a plog is a blog where a blogger plugs away at one or two posts a week. For more of my whimsical blog definitions, see: “What Kind of Blogger Are You?”)

I was all set to write my initial blog announcing my acceptance of the challenge, but then the truth hit. Blog every day, without fail? I can no longer commit to eating every day, let alone blogging. Okay, I do eat every day, so perhaps that’s not a good example, but when one’s life is in flux, one needs to be flexible, and a year’s commitment is about eleven months too long. Besides, what do I have to say that hasn’t been said a million times before?

I did sign up to receive the prompts, though. Today’s prompt is: List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go. Great prompt if I had an answer. I have no desire to travel, though there are many places I’d like to see if I could get there without traveling, especially places of antiquity. I’ve always been fascinated with the Olmec heads, and since I never went to see them, they came to see me. That’s a bit fanciful, but the heads did come to a museum about a hundred miles away, so we rendezvoused there. Fantastic! Best of all, I didn’t have to deal with airplane travel, mosquitoes, malaria, and who knows what else.

One country I would like to visit is the United States. I realize I am already here, but it’s a big country, most of which I’ve never seen. I’d like to drive cross-country, visit isolated places I’ve never even heard about, but since I have a 39-year-old-car, I suppose it’s not that great of an idea. For now, at least, I’ll have to limit my traveling to the way I’ve always traveled — through books.

What about you? What countries would you like to visit, and why?


Pat Bertram is the author of Light Bringer, More Deaths Than One, A Spark of Heavenly Fire, and Daughter Am I. All Bertram’s books are available both in print and in ebook format. You can get them online at Second Wind Publishing, Amazon, B&N and Smashwords.  At Smashwords, the books are available in all ebook formats including palm reading devices, and you can download the first 20-30% free!


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5 responses to “My Olmec Rendezvous

  1. Wanda

    I have lots of places I’d love to go see, other than the US but I’m like you in that I know there are so many places in the US that I haven’t seen that I hope to see. DH and I have a travel trailer that we’re going to experiment with some traveling soon to see if we like it. If we do, and I think we will, then our plan is to retire and travel around that way. For now we’ve got a 25 foot trailer but if we were doing it full time then we might get something a little larger.

    My answer to your question: more of the US, Great Britain, Greece. I’ve been to Australia and would love to go back but I think I would choose to go somewhere I haven’t been first.

  2. I’d like to visit Hawaii, but of course, that’s part of the US. I’ve often thought I’d like to visit Australia. And how about the wilds of Africa?

    The “country” I’ve always wanted to visit and doubtless never will is Mars.

  3. Canada, back to the UK for a long walking trek. Dream vacation to Australia, fabled and fabulous NZ ,not likely to happen, but fun to dream about anyhoo!

    (I like your idea of fantasy travel–especially to places where small nasty things could take hold in your gut… which includes those astonishing Olmec Heads )

    Lord, blogging once a week would overwhelm me–it’s depressing in a way, all this language flooding out on the ‘net and who reads it?

  4. christinehusom

    I’ve been to most of the states, except the West Coast, so I’d start there. Norway. China.

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