Spread the magic…

Do you know what I like the most about this time of year?  It’s not the food, though that’s usually really good.  And it isn’t the gifts, though I got some great ones this year.  What I like most about this time of year is that we all—adults and children, alike—are more than willing to believe in a little magic.

We, as a culture, encourage the idea of Santa Claus.  Really?  A big guy who can swoosh down your chimney with a bag full of presents?  Who has flying reindeer?  And survives on a diet of milk and cookies?  Come on!  There’s a little magic in that.

But I think there’s more than that.  I think the magic of Christmas is more than the commercial idea of Santa.  To me, there is magic in the bells.  Yes, the church bells, but also the Salvation Army bell ringers.  I know those ringers are freezing their fingers off to remind shoppers that there are less fortunate ones out there.  And most people give.  Maybe only a few cents—the change in their pocket—but something. Then there are the people who don’t have much, but give to the Angel Trees, or knit scarves for the homeless, or donate a few extra cans to the food bank.

To me, that is the magic of Christmas.  When people help each other without looking for any kind of reward or even a “thank you.”  Those opportunities for random acts of kindness are just more prevalent during the holidays then any other time of year.

But magic should be spread.  So I plan to look for one of those opportunities each and every month in 2011.  I want to make this year a year of kindness.  Because, really, don’t we all need a little more kindness, a little more magic, in our lives?




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  1. christinehusom

    Yes, I agree. And as one of those bell-ringers, thanks for appreciating!

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