Date Night at the Library

Back when I was single, the prospect of going to the library on a Saturday night was NOT a good thing…it wasn’t cool, it wasn’t hip, and it certainly wasn’t a way to attract a date worth having.

I must be getting old.

Saturday night is a great night to be at the library, especially when there’s a national event happening at libraries around the world at the same time. Date night at the library becomes something grander and a whole lot more fun when you throw in talented story tellers. I’m referring to the national Tellabration event held at libraries everywhere the Saturday before thanksgiving. Beginning at 7:00 p.m., the lies …er, stories start flying and the laughter begins.

At our local Tellebration, I learned about stupid hunting dogs (and one in particular that “don’t look so good” — which could mean he doesn’t see very well), fast cars (in this case, how a fast car got a girl’s attention and a husband all on the same night), and the importance of recycling everything (what would you do if you found someone’s yearbook in the bottom of a garbage can you were diving into for treasures?).

Storytelling is also educational. For instance, I learned that bulls can be mesmerized by flashlights on a night of frog gigging (bulls will attack if they think a flashlight causes them great pain – which one story teller suggested is possible when a third party sneaks up behind the bull and yanks hard on a certain body part while the bull is focused on a flashlight near a pond at the foot of hill). I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to weave that into one of my novels, but it sure was a fun story to hear.

Everyone’s a story teller, and everyone can participate in these events. Find a local storytelling group through your local library. Once the stories … er, lies start flowing, there’s to telling where you’ll end up.–draws-record-crowd?instance=secondary_stories_left_column

Laura S. Wharton is the author of The Pirate’s Bastard and the upcoming children’s book, Mystery at the Festival Phoenix, both published by Second Wind Publishers. Her website is Her next book signing will be at Barnhill’s Books in Winston-Salem, N.C., on December 11.

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  1. christinehusom

    Sounds like a great event. Thanks for the post.

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