Writing Outside the Box

There is the normal world and then, there is the world of writers. When I saw Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” my first thought when Alice slipped down the hole was, “This is how I feel sometimes.” As the movie progressed, I found myself nodding my head and identifying with certain characters or scenes.

As an author, feeling like part of a Tim Burton movie is neither good nor bad; it’s just very interesting and makes for some interesting writing. And, it prompts you to tap into your quirky side. Of course, for me that isn’t much of  a stretch. When I joined the NaNo WriMo Crazy Train, my first inspiration was to write about the adult life and adventures of a test-tube baby.

What prompted me to pick this particular subject? I have no idea. Maybe it was because I was still tripping from a heavy dose of Tim Burton (I’ve been watching a stream of his movies these past two weeks). To make things even more complex, the main character is the product of not just two parents, but of eight spliced and diced fertilized eggs. And, one of those parents is, gasp, Canadian.

Step outside your comfort zone, I’ve been told when writing. The problem with that advice is I have yet to find the “outside” of my comfort zone. I haven’t found a subject I’m uncomfortable with, yet. Case in point: Rubicon Ranch, an online collaboration from several Second Wind Publishing authors http://rubiconranch.wordpress.com

The premise is the murder of a child, a little girl, in the desert. As the mother of daughters, I thought I’d feel a little trepidation about the subject. I haven’t yet. And, yes, all my daughters are still kicking and all are very much a part of my daily life, though some live far away.

Add to that, I’ve been making promotional videos for Rubicon Ranch. Take a look here: http://www.youtube.com/user/RubiconRanch

Writers are strange ducks, with some stranger than others. Although I can write a straight line when needed, I much prefer the crooked path because life isn’t straight and crooked is ultimately more interesting. Look at Tim Burton . . .

J J Dare, author of Joe Daniel’s “False Positive” and “False World,” and numerous short stories


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6 responses to “Writing Outside the Box

  1. You make your books sound most intriguing! Tim Burton definitely has that “half a dimension off” kind of vision, & that’s a great place for a creative person to be.

    I’ve been into Coraline again over the “holidays.”


  2. You might like this (my first thought was Coraline):

    Not from Tim Burton – from Noggin, which makes it even creepier 😮

  3. Those crooked paths are always so much more interesting–so many opportunities for surprise. Heading over to catch up on Rubicon Ranch.

  4. I love your videos!

    And I love your idea for a novel. Poor kid. Eight parents! Geez — the two to four most kids have now (the four being the result of divorce) — seems hard enough.

    I’d like to step outside my comfort zone to do something really quirky. Maybe next time around. Now I’m working on my grieving woman book. Why waste the research?

  5. christinehusom

    That is a creative idea for a book, JJ!

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