Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 15

Interesting revelations! What are Kirk and Drea hiding? Surely they aren’t…. Are they? Now the police have arrived. What could they possibly want? Their pal, Officer Scott, who arrived first at the fish show, has come calling with a young female officer. Recently promoted to detective, Sandra has been put in charge of their ever more puzzling case.

“Be fair,” Sandra interrupted. “Not just this part of town. Actually, all over town. We’ve had a string of weird, unrelated crimes. Or they seem to be on the surface. But the same names keep cropping up.”

“Oh?” Drea and Kirk exchanged a look, both wondering if it was anyone they knew.

“I did some checking,” Eddie Scott said. “Did you know that your buddy’s death wasn’t the only weird thing that happened at the fish market?”

“Really?” Kirk couldn’t help asking, leaning toward the police officer. “What else?”

“Well, the entire crew quit a few days ago. They were having odd things come up missing, then they were being haunted.”

“A fish market.” Kirk couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah, strange howling, odd noises, people seeing things. Your pal Jay didn’t mention this to you?”

“No,” Drea said with a frown. “He never mentioned a thing.”

“I heard that weird noise like someone pulling a knife behind me,” Kirk said. “Anyone experience that?”

“Matter of fact, the first guy who quit. He kept hearing that sound behind him, even when he was alone. Then he felt a blade at his throat, but there wasn’t anyone there. There was no blade there either,” Eddie added. “Just the sound and the feeling.”

“The brain can make things seem very real,” Kirk said. “Like phantom pain from a severed limb.”

“Oh, I know,” Eddie said. “We kind of pooed that idea, but more than one person heard the blade behind them. And they hadn’t talked about it to each other, which made it more credible.”

“So the guy quit over that?”

“That was the last straw,” Sandra said. “There had been other things, break ins, robberies…. Believe it or not, yours is not the only business persecuted like this. The rental place down the way, the florist, even Betsy’s Cleaning Service.”

All businesses that the caterers used. Drea and Kirk exchanged a look. The two police officers didn’t miss it.

“What?” Sandra sat forward, concerned look on her face.

“It’s just,” Drea paused, wringing her hands. “We know all those people. We do business on a regular basis with them. I have more face to face with them than Kirk, but we know them.”

“Do you think we’re the common factor?” Kirk asked. “I mean, that could be coincidence.”

“How often is the florist going to need fish?” Drea snapped. “Of course it’s us! And after that creepy man was in here earlier, how can you say it’s not?”

“What creepy man?” The police officers chorused.

Drea told them. She left out her suspicions about his reasons Let them make their own conclusions. In the meantime, they had an investigation to conduct and the caterers a business to run.

“He sounds like a real loose screw,” Sandra said. “What could he possibly want?”

“There’s no telling. It was like he was speaking some kind of bizarre code. I told him to leave and left the room.”

“If he comes back, be sure to call me,” Sandra said.

“Thank you. It would make me feel better knowing that someone believes me.”

“With all the strange things going on, I’d love to find a quick fix,” Sandra said. “But I don’t expect it to be handed to me. If you’re right, if you two are in the middle of this thing – why?”

“Beats the hell outta me,” Kirk shrugged. “Honey?”

“No idea,” Drea said. “I can’t imagine why anyone would be after a couple simple caterers like us. We’re harmless.”

“Completely,” Kirk agreed.

“Well, if you think of anything else, you’ll call?” Eddie asked.

“Absolutely. Thank you so much for coming by,” Kirk said.

“Come by when you’re ready to talk menus,” Drea said with a smile for Sandra. “Who’s the lucky fellow?”

Sandra’s eyes flickered over to Eddie. “I’d tell you, but I outrank him.” She winked at them and they left together.

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  1. christinehusom

    Getting creepier!

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