Why Writing?

This is for all of you readers out there who have ever pondered the question Why did you choose writing as your passion? Well, the truth of the matter is – writing chose me. It is just something I have always done, literally from the moment I first picked up a pencil or a crayon or whatever. I have always told stories.

I began writing long before I even knew that was what I was doing – writing stories. I just had these words in my head that demanded to be put on paper so, like the good little girl I was then, I did so. I put them on paper. I first learned to write by following the format in the books I read. I learned the intricacies and the “rules” of writing in school. In fact, it was my junior high school
English teacher who first put a name to what I was doing – writing. She was the one who unraveled the mystery of the process to me and led me to where I am today. It was her encouragement that helped me to keep at it because she was the first person who acknowledged what I did – and validated it. And for a shy girl who didn’t know her place in the world yet, that was everything.

I have always had an active imagination and many were the times that I would watch a movie or a television show, or read a book and think, I could’ve done better than that or I didn’t like the way that ended, this is how I would’ve done it. That assertion fueled my desire to write. Of course, imagining my favorite actors playing the parts in the movie versions of my books helped, too! And then there were the vivid dreams, dreams that just begged to be made into books when I woke up. So of course, I had to do it.

There are many reasons why I am a writer, but the most important one is this: I absolutely love it. I eat, breathe, and dream – literally – writing. It is my passion, my one true love, the constant that has been with me through every awkward moment of youth, every heartbreak, every triumph, every fright, every success. Whatever I have done – or wanted to do – throughout my life, my writing has been right there beside me, reflecting back to me the life I have led and the dreams I have carried through every moment of my life.

What’s your passion?

Margay Leah Justice is the author of Nora’s Soul


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6 responses to “Why Writing?

  1. Writing for me, Margay, started as therapy in the aftermath of a broken heart.

    When I started my second novel, I became burdened by thoughts of publication–after all, if one does not write for publication, what’s the point? I took me several years to learn to enjoy the process.

    I still write for publication, but my purpose, my enjoyment, comes from the creative process as well as a desire to connect with others.

  2. Margay

    Yes, I think it very important to love what you do or you can’t do it well, especially in writing. If you write because you think it will bring you fame and money, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If you write because it brings you peace, joy and love, then you are definitely on the right track!

  3. christinehusom

    I’m with you and that one Margay–“writing chose me.” I have always created stories and thought of characters, before I knew the alphabet and when I am not physically writing. I am always “writing.” I can’t exactly say it’s my passion, but I do love it, even when it is really hard work!

  4. Margay

    I know what you mean, Christine. Even when I’m not physically writing, I’m creating scenarios in my head. That writing mechanism never really shuts off for me.

  5. At school the teachers used to scold me for daydreaming. In retrospect I should have told them, “Can’t you see I’m working?”

  6. Margay

    Franklin, that is awesome! Great way to look at it.

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