Writers need to watch out for echoes — a duplication of words, phrases, effects, details that reverberate in readers’ minds and dilute the work. (As an example: I just wrote “details that echo in readers’ minds”, but the second “echo” echoed the first and diluted the effect of both, so I changed the second “echo” to “reverberate”.)

Sometimes, however, an echo can be used to good effect in writing as well as photography. A roof can be an interesting subject for an image, but showing it against an analogous background can strengthen the image rather than dilute it.

There is no shortage of peaks around here — roof peaks, mountain peaks, hill peaks — and I was able to find shots of peaks perfectly echoed against peaks to illustrate my point.




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5 responses to “Echoes

  1. Those pictures really illustrate the point (and the peaks). Very nice. I was amazed when I edited the final version of my eBook to find how many accidental echoes there were – hope I found them all, since it’s now “live” and “real,” which is really exciting and scary.

  2. christinehusom

    Neat photos! Reading out loud helps catch those echos.

  3. Shona

    All picture are really awesome….

  4. Great photos, Pat. Thanks for this amusing article.

  5. You have a really good eye for that peak echo effect, Pat. Great photos.

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