Win Print Copies of Our Mystery Anthologies!!

We are celebrating the release of two new anthologies, Murder in the Wind and Mystery in the Wind, and we are offering you a chance to win a print copy of both books. All you have to do is write a sentence using the words “murder,” “mystery,” and “wind,” then post it here as a comment. The person who writes the most original sentence (in the opinion of the authors of Second Wind) will win a print edition of each of the anthologies. One other person, chosen at random, will win a print edition of Murder in the Wind.

The contest starts now and ends on July 6.

On your marks, get set . . . write!

You can find out more about the anthologies here: Murder in the Wind and Mystery in the Wind

(If the winners do not have an address in the United States, they will be sent ebooks.)


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43 responses to “Win Print Copies of Our Mystery Anthologies!!

  1. The wind howled up the mountain, raging over the tree line, forcing the climber to rethink whether the murder mystery was more important than his own life.

  2. Sally Grubbs

    Sandy was reading a murder mystery book when the wind was lightly blowing.

  3. Sally Grubbs

    Thank you for a chance to try to win this book.

  4. The wind blew as the mystery began to unfold on a cold dark night, while the murder was being committed and the community feared for their very lives.

  5. Sherri Myers

    The fierce wind was howling the night the murder occurred; a stranger mystery was never before seen in the small town of ten inhabitants, well, nine now.

  6. S Senden

    There was mystery in the wind, and murder in the air.

  7. Sara Weiss

    I love reading mysteries, but sometimes the murders are so scary I break wind. 🙂

  8. Margot Payne

    This summer has just been murder on my budget but then I caught wind of this contest to win free books and hope they don’t keep the winner a mystery for too long!

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  10. A gust of mystery and a gale of murder were blowing in the wind.

  11. Though the identity of the speaker would remain a mystery, each of the bloggers heard a voice carried stealthily on the wind, a single breathy whisper of a sinister word:”Murder…”

  12. Whispered voices curled round the edges of the west wind revealed the secret mystery of my murder.

  13. Wanda Hughes

    Trying to keep her mind off the stink of decomp drifting on the wind as she searched for the body, Marcy turned her thoughts to the great mystery in her life: why she kept Hank on as her partner, even though he stuck her out in the field, like tonight, when they investigated a murder.

  14. Jessie

    Who committed the murder would forever remain a mystery as the evidence was carried away on the wind.

  15. Rhonda Donaldson

    During the murder scene, a mysterious wind blew leaves across her face.

  16. I sat silently rocking on the deck in the early twilight, when my murder mystery slid to the floor startling a murder of crows flying on the wind while looking for food scraps below.

  17. The wind lashed at Sam’s face as he contemplated the mystery which was the third murder.

  18. Patricia

    As the wind blew on that dark and stormy night, I caught the scent of murder and mystery in the air.

  19. Sid

    Of course, they knew the answer was not ‘blowing in the wind’ – that was a mystery – no, the answer was murder!

  20. sue brandes

    The wind picked up my book. It was a mystery where it went till they found the murdered body holding onto it.

    Thank you for the contest.

  21. The mystery of their drowning could not be solved since no one knew if it was a murder, based on the toxicology report, or an accident, based on the sails broken by a gust of wind.

  22. pprmint777

    It’s a mystery to me who broke wind in this crowded room, but if he does it again, I’ll murder him!

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  24. Elizabeth Towns

    EJ heard the soft repeating wind in his mind: ‘murder, murder’; no longer a mystery, it was almost a friend to her now.

  25. Sarah G

    It’s an ill wind that blows in publishing when there’s no mystery to a murder.

  26. Arthur

    All at once the wind came with it’s great plowing to be leaping over the sands and the warmth was wavering the man to fall of murder and all of a sudden it was a greater mystery.

  27. It’s a mystery as to why someone would have taken the time to wind a necktie tightly around the victim’s throat after he’d already been murdered.

  28. The wind took her breath away as the mystery unfolded. Was it an accident or was it murder?

  29. Whenever I catch wind of a new murder mystery by one of my favorite authors, I order it immediately!

  30. The wind chimes whispered of murder, but the wind swore the mystery would never be solved.

  31. karen vaughan

    The word “murder” had been spoken; it was a mystery as to who committed it but its secret whistled in the cold winter wind

  32. When the clouds curl black as murder on the wind, and the gray dogs howl–when the door slams closed behind me with winter’s shiver while dust-devils swirl into ghosts and mystery–that’s when the memories hit me; that’s when I drink.

  33. John smiled, his eyes filled with mystery and wonder, as he breathed in the scent of murder carried upon the August wind.

  34. A sharp smell carried on the wind, the smell of … murder and mystery of a regal nature.

  35. Brian Pettera

    “I think it’s a murder most foul Watson,” Holmes paused as if sniffing the air, “and I scent a mystery here, fading in the wind.”

  36. Mystery Adams pulled her raven hair off her sweaty, blood-smeared neck and inhaled; the wind smelled of murder.

  37. Jeanette Collins

    It was a mystery how that invalid, home-bound widow got wind of her imprisoned nephew’s murder.

  38. “Murder,” she said, her voice soft as the evening wind and full of mystery as it carried across the crowded auditorium.

  39. The mystery unfolded as the bone chilling wind danced furiously around us, whispering its evil chant, “Murder, murder…”

  40. We have a winner! This was an exceedingly difficult contest to judge — every single entry got at least one vote by the authors of Second Wind. And the winner won by a single vote.

    Congratulations, pprmnt777! You will receive print copies of both anthologies.

    And congratulations, Sherri Myers. You will receive a print copy of Murder in the Wind.

    Thank you all for entering our contest. It was a joy reading your entries.

  41. sue brandes

    Congrads to the winners!!

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