Life Beyond the Pavement

My life has taken a dramatic turn in recents months, and I am now a thousand miles from home. I thought I’d be staying in a sprawling city, but it turns out I’m at the very edge of the sprawl, and every walk takes me beyond where the pavement ends. I do not like heat, wind, or glaring sun, but this bleak climate matches my inner climate at the moment and is bringing me a measure of peace.

Remember David Carradine in Kung Fu walking through the desert? That’s how I walk — very carefully. There are rattlesnakes here, and scorpions, but I stay on the paths where I can see any life. Though, to be honest, except for a fly or two, I haven’t come across a single living creature. I pretend that taking photos is helping my writing by making me see things more clearly, but the truth is, taking photos also brings me peace — or at least takes me away from myself.

So, where am I? See for yourself:

This is where the pavement ends

The house where I’m staying is down there somewhere

Another view of where I am staying


Pat Bertram is the author of More Deaths Than OneA Spark of Heavenly Fire,  and Daughter Am I


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9 responses to “Life Beyond the Pavement

  1. The place could use a few trees.

  2. Suzanne Francis

    The desert has its own mysterious beauty.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Pat. I love the desert. It’s so quiet you can hear yourself think. It’s also very alive and healing.

  4. christinehusom

    You’ve given us a mystery. What brought you to the desert? A brief, poignant post.

    • Christine, I thought you knew. My life mate died, and I had to leave the house we’ve lived for the past two decades. Since my 93-year-old father shouldn’t live alone any more, here I am.

  5. christinehusom

    Yes, Pat, I did know about your loved one, which is why I found your post so poignant–it’s what you don’t say and how you tie it into being in the desert I found so touching. I didn’t realize you had actually moved, that’s what I was trying to figure out. I’m glad your father has your there with him.

    • Yes. I actually relocated — well, temporarily, anyway. From the mountains to the desert. Yikes. My father and I are muddling along together, we two virtual hermits who have lost our mates.

  6. Sherrie Hansen

    It seems fitting. People have been going to the dessert to find the cure for years. I hope you find it healing and refreshing.

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