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Book promotion involves guest blogging these days. Writers decide for themselves how much time they’ll spend pursuing it, and some do it much more than others. Is it successful? I can’t answer that question, but I’ve jumped on the guest blogger band wagon a few times anyway.

With so many blogs out there, which one should a writer pick? Ones that focus on your genre and ones that are read by lots and lots of people, of course. But even knowing that, it’s difficult to choose.

A friend sent me a link to Marshal Zeringue’s the Page 69 Test , and I wrote to ask if I could be a part of it. Each blog has a different format, and it turns out that Marshal writes the copy himself for that particular blog, and he also doesn’t read romance novels. However, he kindly offered me guest spots on two of his other blogs, My Book, The Movie and with a My blogs on Marshal’s sites will be appearing in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I remained intrigued with the idea of taking one page in a book and seeing what it divulges. According to Marshal, if a reader likes page 69, then they’ll like the whole book. I wanted to do my own page 69 test with Love Trumps Logic. Marshal, please forgive me for borrowing your idea for the day. I couldn’t resist, so here we go:

A romance novel might have good odds of having sex on page 69. I mean … come on … page 69? But that isn’t the case with Love Trumps Logic, a Regency romance themed with herbal remedies and homeopathy. Don’t get me wrong, it has several spicy scenes too, and I’m not talking about nutmeg or chili powder.

Love Trumps Logic’s page 69 contains a nutshell characterization of the hero, Beau. He leaves a dinner party early and becomes the topic of conversation between the heroine, Fiona, who is unwittingly drawn to Beau, and Henry, her comrade-in-arms when it comes to researching medicinal remedies. She’s been “matched” with Henry, for the very reason that their scientific minds compliment one another, but Beau has shaken Fiona’s confidence in that logical pairing.

Beau’s departure deflates the party, and Fiona finds herself trapped into playing a humdrum game of gin rummy with Henry, who adores the game. She loses badly since her mind remains on Beau, and she annoys Henry with questions, determined to discover why Henry feels such animosity toward Beau. “He’s a rake,” is too meager an answer to satisfy.

Henry’s character is revealed as well. When Fiona asks him, “Did Beau make your cousin think he loved her?” his indignant, “How should I know that? I was never privy to their private conversations,” showcases his stuffiness. He clearly shows the reader why he cannot be the hero.

Interested in reading more about how Fiona ditches Henry and follows her heart? Love Trumps Logic can be purchased at or Second Wind Publishing.

Lucy Balch

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  1. christinehusom

    Cool concept! Thanks for sharing the idea.

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