A Book and A Blog

Whenever it’s my turn to blog, I’m always in a quandry. Do I talk about my latest work? Do I lament on how difficult it is to be an author? Do I take the flip side and discuss running a bookstore? What about taking a stab at the merits of running a publishing company?

And then I noticed that I get to follow  J. B. Kohl’s post about Barnhill’s. https://secondwindpub.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/barnhills/

Ha! What fun! I am in the unique position of actually meeting many of the Second Wind Authors face to face. There are 26 Second Wind authors in our little family, and at least 2 more in the wings currently. And that doesn’t include the 12 authors who won a place in the “Mystery is in the Wind” anthology. I’ve met 10 of the authors in person.

In February of 2009, I came from Phoenix AZ to Winston-Salem and met up with Norm Brown, Chris Husom, Lazarus Barnhill, Mairead Walpole, Suzette Vaughn, and Dellani Oakes.  This is all of us together: Facebook I’m the one on the bottom right. I write as Claire Collins, but my real name is Tracy and I manage a bookstore in Winston-Salem, NC called Barnhill’s. You can read more about it in the newspaper article about us that came out today.

J. Conrad Guest has the pain and pleasure of being the very first author to ever have a book signing at Barnhill’s. Ladies, he’s tall, good-looking, and funny. Call me and I’ll put you in touch…

Lucy Balch was gutsy enough to jump in right before our grand opening. She got to hang out with a masseuse and a winery and we sat in the back room and pigged out on Burke Street Pizza because we were all starving.

J. B. Kohl came to visit during the first day of our Grand Opening. Everything was just crazy around here that day. I was worried that I had neglected J.B and her friend but they both had a great time.

JJ Dare was supposed to have been part of our original group, but she came down with Strep throat right before we all met. Someday soon she will make it up to see me.

I was going to go up and meet Sherrie Hansen for an event at her beautiful bed and breakfast, but I wasn’t able to get up there.

I’ve also met a new Second Wind Author, Laura Wharton. Her book , “The Pirate’s Bastard” will be out by the fall.

So to everyone else… what are you waiting for? The invitation is open to have a book signing at Barnhill’s! Maybe this September, you can all come down for the Bookmarks Festival?


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4 responses to “A Book and A Blog

  1. Like most men, I enjoy being the first!

    Thanks for your kind comments, Claire, and for the phone alert. I tend to screen my calls for telemarketers.

    My Barnhill’s experience was great, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, if invited. In fact, I likely will be once One Hot January is released later this year.

    J. Conrad Guest
    Author of Backstop: A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings.

  2. lucybalch

    I have dreams about Burke Street pizza. I can honestly say it’s as good as NYC pizza!
    Count me in for September. I can’t wait!

    • Huh! No one said anything to me about Burke Street Pizza; but then, I’m not much of fan for New York style pizza. I prefer Chicago stuffed or Sicilian.

      Thanks okay, though, the poet Terri Kirby Erickson took me to dinner Saturday night.

  3. christinehusom

    It will be fun to get there sometime, I hope!

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