Book Club Appearances

Due to the efforts of a friend, I made my first author’s appearance at a mystery book club a few weeks ago. I was honored that this group of ladies decided to give my debut thriller STACCATO a chance. As many of you know, book clubs choose the titles they will read many months in advance. I had been waiting patiently since last November and had no idea what to expect.

A buzz began a month before the book club meeting; a few had already finished my book and enjoyed the read. Some refused to purchase the title from Amazon or didn’t have the time to wait for the publisher to send them a copy. I had extra copies on hand, so provided them at a discount for the rest of the group to purchase and all problems were rectified.

I think my friend was more nervous about the appearance than I was. This group hadn’t ever been visited by the actual author of a book they had read. Any unease soon abated when the questions about STACCATO began to flow: How did I come up with my location, names, character traits. How did I choose the classical music pieces? Explaining the motivation for why I chose that particular piece of music. On and on for two hours, these women drew me into their little circle of the appreciation of written words.

I found the experience to be well worth the anxiety of not knowing: 1) if they would like my book. 2) Would anyone show up to discuss the book? 3) Had they even read the book?

Not only did I sell 15 copies to this group, I feel confident that they are spreading the word about STACCATO. They’re also looking forward to my next release and plan to invite other authors to their book club.

Deborah J Ledford is the author of the debut suspense thriller novel STACCATO, now available from Second Wind Publishing, Amazon, Kindle, and independent bookstores.


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4 responses to “Book Club Appearances

  1. R. Jeffrey Priddy

    Wonderful essay, Deb! Best of luck and much success with, STACCATO! Keep writing!

  2. christinehusom

    What a great experience, Deb. I love book clubs!

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