A Book Store is Born

Hello! I am Tracy Beltran, Manager of Barnhill’s Books, Wine, Art, and Gift store in Winston-Salem North Carolina. You may also know me by my author name of Claire Collins. My work with Second Wind Publishing since it’s inception has been a lot of hard work but worth every moment I’ve spent with the authors and the readers.

And now, this relationship with Second Wind has allowed me to branch out and open a bookstore and it’s a dream come true for me. When other little girls were having tea parties, I was using my vast collection of books to start a library in my bedroom and I would loan my books to my younger sister this way. The golden look look books were labeled with check out cards and I would hold her stuffed animals hostage if the books were late being returned.

In college, I worked in the library. In February, I resigned from my position in Phoenix, packed up the family, and drove across the country to come to Winston-Salem and be part of Barnhill’s. I don’t regret that decision at all, even when we were supposed to be open on March 1, and now it’s looking more like March 20 or so. Who knew getting permits and revamping a 104 year old building would be so time consuming and difficult?

So that’s where I’ve been lately. You can follow the progress here: http://onlyatbarnhills.com/ and here: http://onlyatbarnhills.wordpress.com/

I have boxes and boxes of Second Wind Publishing books, and they are truly beautiful to hold and read. (When are you guys going to come visit me and do booksignings? Do I have to beg?) I have to remember that they are stock and belong on the shelves. Soon, they will be nestled among the bestsellers as well as other independent publishers. Speaking of which, if you are an independent publisher, email me: Tracy@onlyatbarnhills.com

We will also carry art from local artists and gift items including jewelry. Stop by and see me if you get a chance.

Tracy Beltran – Barnhill’s Manager


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22 responses to “A Book Store is Born

  1. sounds like a great idea

  2. So happy for you and as a writer who publishes with indies, so grateful for the store! Congratulations! (I’ll be there in April. I promise:0))

  3. Mike and I have talked about my coming down from Michigan next month to promote Backstop, to be complemented by Bolt, the mascot for the W-S minor league baseball team, the Dash (who likely has a bigger following than I do at this point!).

  4. Lucy Balch

    I’m coming in April too. Can’t wait! It’s wonderful for all of us that your dream was realized. Best of luck to Barnhills!

    • Wow! Everyone coming in April. How many authors does Second Wind have? Can we do one every couple of days? I think I may be driving to the airport a lot… on second thought… I will be minding the store, so be nice to Mike when he shows up to get you!

  5. I’ll be by there sooner or later. Good Luck with the opening!

  6. Congratulations! Best of luck with your new venture.

  7. This really is exciting!
    I’ll visit in summer and bring my brother who lives not far away.

  8. Nancy Niles

    Congratulations! You’ve done a great job and I would love to come and visit. Maybe someday soon.

  9. Thanks Nancy! Just let me know when you can and we’ll plan an author event.

  10. christinehusom

    I remember making “library books” out of my collection as a child, too! I’d forgotten all about that. Many congrats on the store and wishing you great success.

    • Thanks Chris. Great minds think alike? Or are we warped minds? I just don’t think that’s “normal”. Maybe it just isn’t normal for anyone who didn’t want to be a writer their whole life?

  11. Excellent news that the bookstore is about to open, Tracy. Your tireless work will soon be appreciated by book buyers as well as 2W authors. I hope to be in NC early summer.

    • Believe it or not I already sold a book and I couldn’t be more excited. A very nice lady called the store today looking for a book. I explained that we weren’t quite open yet but I would see what I could do. I found the book from our distributor and I ordered it and the lady is going to come pick it up when we open!

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