Oscar Dreams

When I was younger, our version of reality television was comprised of beauty pageants and awards shows. I grew up watching them all, but the Academy Awards was by far my favorite. With its red carpet and the women wearing the most fabulous gowns and jewels and the clips of movies interspersed throughout, it was a movie nuts’ ultimau knte dream. And, boy, did I fit that profile! It didn’t matter if I’d seen the movie or not, I had to watch the awards show every year and I still picked my favorites. Inevitably, somewhere in the midst of all that glamor, I would start to daydream about what it would be like to win an academy award – I even rehearsed a speech in my mind, imagined myself up on that stage with some famous person presenting the award to me and saying something brilliant and inspiring when they presented me with my statuette.

Flash forward a number of years and…nothing much has changed. I still watch the awards every year. I still pick my favorites. And I still have dreams of taking Oscar home with me (the statue, people, the statue). Of course, it would be in honor of something I had written as my dreams of being an actress faded somewhere in junior high school, but the dream of writing  – and being recognized for that writing – have never faded. I still wonder what it would be like for someone to honor my writing with some kind of award and I still wonder what I would say if I had to get up and do a speech – especially since I have an aversion to public speaking. (Contradictory, I know, but there you have it.) Would I be as eloquent as Mo’Nique when she accepted her Golden Globe for Precious? Or would I be as shocked and tongue tied as Drew Barrymore when she won the SAG for Grey Gardens? I might never know the answer to that, but still, it’s fun to ponder.

So you know where you will find me tonight – watching the Academy Awards and hoping that Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges finally get the recognition they deserve for all their years of wonderful performances. And it would be incredible if Kathryn Bigelow won Best Director for The Hurt Locker. Come on, Academy, it’s time to bestow the honor on a female for the first time! And it will be interesting to see how Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin handle the hosting duties together. With those two, anything could happen.

Well, now you know who I’m rooting for, what about you? Any favorites? Who do you want to see win? And do you have any Oscar dreams yourself? Do tell, I’m curious to find out. Until next time, keep the dreams alive.

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  1. christinehusom

    Margay, I had a similar reaction as a young person. I saw all the movies that we up for awards and imagined acting with all the greats. It would be fun to see all the contenders in person, see how they are offscreen. Accepting an award? Scary!

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