Help Us Celebrate the Release of Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch

Second Wind Publishing is proud to present our newest regency romance, Love Trumps Logic, by Lucy Balch:

When suitors are baffled by Miss Fiona’s scientific turn of mind, her mother tearfully predicts that her daughter will be doomed to spinsterhood—until Lord Henry comes along. Nicknamed “the Mad Scientist,” Henry appreciates Fiona’s mind as well as her face. Fiona thinks she’s found the perfect husband in Henry until notorious Lord Beaumont crashes through her neatly laid plans.

To celebrate, Lucy is sponsoring a contest to win a signed copy of Love Trumps Logic, along with a surprise love-inspired gift and a vial of Arnica (a homeopathic remedy for sore muscles). You can find the contest and the rules here: Prizes and Giggles and Games, Oh Yes! 

In addition, we are giving away a free ebook of Love Trumps Logic. All you have to do is go to Free Regency Ebook! and leave a comment. One lucky person, chosen at random, will win a copy of Lucy’s long awaited regency romance. Hurry! You only have two days to enter — Sunday February 28 and Monday March 1.

If you are not one of the lucky winners, we have a consolation prize for you. Just click on the photo of the cover of Love Trumps Logic and have fun!

And here’s more fun:
Read the first chapter of Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch
Find out more about the characters and read an excerpt of Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch
Read A Never-Before-Seen Interview with the Hero of Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch

Click here to buy: Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch


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20 responses to “Help Us Celebrate the Release of Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch

  1. Pat,

    Kudos! You certainly know how to throw a promotional party.

  2. Lucy Balch

    Thanks for all the wonderful responses! Please keep them coming. As moderator, I’m having some technical difficulties getting the comments approved (since I’m new at being moderator). I can see them; I can approve them on my end; but they are not showing up here!! Hopefully, I’ll figure it out soon!

  3. Paul Mendel


    Congratualations! I write short stories on the side which is time consuming. I can’t imagine all that it takes to put together an entire novel. I am really happy for you.

    Paul Mendel

  4. choiceonepublishing

    Congratulations on your new release!

    Morgan Mandel

  5. Congratulations! Hope you roll in many sales.

  6. Sherrie Hansen

    Congratulations, Lucy! I hope it’s a big hit!

  7. I love your promotional party! Fantastic! The book looks great, too. 🙂 I look forward to hearing about what a great success it is.

  8. Great party, Pat!!

    I wish you the very best of luck and much success with ‘Love Trumps Logic’, Lucy!

    And, it’s always nice to make a new ‘word’ friend, too! 😉


  9. Congratulations on your new book!!

  10. Lucy Balch

    Thanks for all the kind thoughts and wishes!

  11. Karen Arnold

    Congratulations, Lu! I’m so proud of you!!

  12. Congratulations, Lucy! What great news and great fun! Best of luck. I actually won a copy of your book at VRW and snuck a peek at the first few chapters. Thoroughly enjoyed what I saw and look forward to reading the rest.

  13. Lucy – You are the greatest and just think – I’m related to you! Congratulations and the best of everything! You deserve it!

  14. Congratulations, Lucy. You were a great host! Best of luck with your book.

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