Always more ideas

by Eric Beetner

I often stress out about making blog posts. My own personal blog doesn’t get much updating even though I promise to get better. But really, when I don’t have anything to say, why reach to make something interesting that is not. 

Fiction though? There are endless ideas. It could be I just don’t find my own life all that interesting or maybe I’m just shy about self-promoting but I find it truly easy to write about made-up people and find it a struggle to write about my own doings.

When I was grinding through the mill of screenwriting I never got discouraged when a script didn’t sell. “Not what we’re looking for” “We have something else like this in development” “We lost our funding” All are reasons I heard for a script dying on the way to the big screen. I even had a chance to sell a script on the contingency that I do a major rewrite I was not comfortable with. I passed. (the money was crap anyway) I told them to have someone else do the rewrite so they could do it without feeling attached to anything in the story. I let it go. Why? There are always more ideas.

If a story isn’t working, I abandon it. If a story doesn’t sell, I put it aside. Keep moving forward, I say. Writing begets writing and it can be so easy to get bogged down trying to rework a piece into perfection that you never move on to the next tale waiting to be told.

I’ll never stop writing, unless my brain shuts down and decides it is done I guess. Even if that happens, I’ll be fine with it. Leave it behind and move on to the next thing. Until that time, which I hope never comes, I will do my best to keep putting on paper all the ideas that come into my head, to scrap the bad ones, finish the good ones and never put off an idea to obsess over one I should be done with. My best idea may be my next. That theory resets every time I write The End.


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3 responses to “Always more ideas

  1. I like this. And I guess I do the same, picking up half-baked ideas when the time’s right. I’m failing to write at the moment, but full of ideas… just feel like the ideas haven’t quite settled down into line, so I really liked your post.

  2. christinehusom

    I share your stress about blogs. It’s funny how it’s easier to write a book than a blog! I love your optimism–if it doesn’t sell, move on and your next idea may be your best.

  3. I don’t stress about the blog; however, I do find it funny that you stress about the blog and are so apathetic about the screenwriting. For some reason, that makes you a kindred spirit. None of it really matters except that at some point you are represented for whatever it is you do. This factor makes you an artist as well. So keep at it. Keep that cool frame of mind. Death to editors 😉 . I am just getting started, but refuse to let it be a stress factor. Tonight I found out that if you have a bottle of Shiraz, all of it is…whatever.
    dearlifeofmine writer, Kelly

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