New Year’s Non-Resolutions

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. For the most part, I make nightly resolutions in the belief that each day starts a new year. Every night I resolve that I will exercise, take a walk, eat breakfast, eat lots of vegetables, take my vitamins, don’t stay up late, get up earlier, and spend less time on the Internet, though now I have to resolve to spend more time online — all of a sudden, I’ve been forgetting to log on for days on end. So much for my Internet addiction! And I resolve to write a page a night. For some reason, my addiction to writing also simply disappeared. Usually I keep about two of those resolutions each day — I write my page a day and take a walk, or I write my page a day and eat a big raw vegetable salad. Or write my pate and follow through on one of my numerous other resolutions.

Still, even though New Year’s Day is just another day for me, I do have a New Year’s ritual: I try to do that day what I would like to do every day for the rest of the year in the hopes that whatever I do, I will continue to do. So, in that spirit, yesterday I woke relatively early, lifted a few weights, did a bit of air bicycling, took my food supplements, went for a short walk, ate a lot of vegetables, did a bit of unplanned housecleaning (and I do mean just a bit), wrote my page. Whew! Good thing New Year’s only comes once a year. I’m exhausted!


Pat Bertram is the author of Daughter Am IMore Deaths Than One and A Spark of Heavenly Fire.


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3 responses to “New Year’s Non-Resolutions

  1. christinehusom

    I tend to do as you do, look at each day as the day I will be better, do better, figure out how to fit it all in, but it doesn’t always happen! Guess it’s all about striving and not giving up.

  2. Hmm. Maybe writing a drabble a day on my blog is a resolution. I did do that on New Year’s Day.

  3. Here’s to one page a day, Pat. Sounds like a great plan and will no doubt turn into many more per day once the story lights up a fire you can’t extinguish.

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