Take a Bite Outta Crime – part 2

In our last installment, Kirk Nunne & his wife, Drea Barr, owners of Barr Nunne Caterers, were waiting for their fish supplier.  When Jay didn’t show up on time, Kirk went to his shop to see what was wrong.  (Bouillabaisse for 300 doesn’t make itself, after all.)  Inside the shop, Kirk found Jeff, injured and dying.  We join him once more as he calls for assistance.

“Emergency operator. What is your emergency?”
Kirk gave her the particulars.
“Sir, are you inside the premises?”
“Yes, ma’am. That’s how I found Jay.”
“Don’t touch anything. Leave the building immediately.”
“He shouldn’t be alone….”
“I have three units on the way. ETA, 30 seconds. Leave now. The perpetrator could still be there.”
Suddenly realizing how stupid he was for going in the building alone, Kirk walked carefully to the back door. He heard sirens approaching and saw flashing lights outside. Raising his hands once more, he walked out the door.
“I’m the guy who called,” he said loudly. “I have identification in my pocket. I’m reaching for it.”
Slowly and smoothly, he reached into his pocket. Pulling out his wallet, he held it where the police could see it. One young officer stepped forward, taking the wallet. He examined the license carefully. Nodding to his companions, he handed it back to Kirk.
“Is an ambulance coming? Jay’s hurt.”
“Any minute,” the young officer replied.
As promised, the siren grew louder as an ambulance turned the corner heading up the beach. Kirk explained to the officers what he had seen and heard when he entered the market.
“Did you touch anything?” His cop buddy asked. His name was Officer Scott.
“No. The door was open, so was the cooler. I walked right in.”
The paramedics carried Jay out on a stretcher. He was ghostly pale. The emergency team looked tight lipped and grim. Not a good sign, Kirk thought.
“Why were you here, Mr. Nunne?” Officer Scott asked him.
“I’m a caterer. Jay was late with our fish order and my sous-chef was having a major meltdown. Bouillabaisse for 300 doesn’t make itself.”
“Unfortunately, I can’t let you get your fish.”
“The bride will have to settle for French Onion Soup. That was our backup plan. I’ll make a call. I sure as hell hope Jay will be okay.”
The officer’s radio scratched to life. “Percy to Scott.”
“Scott here, go ahead.”
“We lost him, Scotty.”
“Roger that, Percy. Thanks. I’ll track down next of kin.” He turned to Kirk. “Sorry, sir. Your friend didn’t make it. Do you happen to know his family?”
Kirk shrugged. “I didn’t know Jay that well. He was a business associate and chatting acquaintance. My wife may know more. Hang on. I have to call her anyway about that soup.”
“Oh, sure.”
Kirk made the call, leaving instructions for Margo to contact the bride. The crime scene team arrived as he concluded his call.
“She remembers a daughter,” Kirk told the officer. “Her name is Carley Simpson and she lives here in the city. Drea thinks she might be a model or works for an agency. Jay used to tell her about the locations and photo shoots. He was trying to get us in with that crowd to help our business.”
“That was nice of him.”
“Helping us helped him. He is – was – the best fish supplier around. Reliable, reasonable and his fish were always fresh. We did a lot of business with him. Seafood is rather a specialty of ours.”
“Can you think of anyone who would want to kill him?”
“Like I said, I didn’t really know him that well. He was a nice guy, widowed, that’s about all I knew.”
“Thanks for your help, Mr. Nunne. Here’s my card. If you think of anything….”
“I’ll call you for sure. I hope you can find out who killed him. He was a good man.”


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3 responses to “Take a Bite Outta Crime – part 2

  1. dellanioakes

    I apologize for this being up late. I forgot the date OOPS! Happy Holidays to all our readers! Dellani

  2. Christine Husom

    Another great story brewing, Dellani!

  3. Fun. I clicked on your name. Catchup’s easy and I’m enjoying the story.

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