Sweet release

Time to celebrate, people. Our book, One Too Many Blows To The Head, is out and burning up the Amazon charts. We also share the spotlight with two other excellent Second Wind thrillers, False World by JJ Dare and Daughter Am I by Pat Bertram. Below you read all about the myriad of ways to win a free copy of each of these books. Why would an independent publisher just give away books? Because we’re that confident you will be back for more.

For our book, it is at the stage where people are getting through it and I’ve gotten some very kind emails and personal comments calling it “very engrossing” and a “page turner”. Yes, I know people who speak like book reviewers apparently. Jennifer and I just did our third interview this month. The train is rolling down the tracks.

And yet in the middle of this momentum I am hopping off the train and catching a plane to China. We got our travel dates and consulate appointments to complete the adoption of our second daughter. Exciting news but it is hard to leave my new “baby” back here in the states all alone. Oh, we’re taking our first daughter – I’m talking about the book.

Good thing I have a co-parent across the country ready and able to care for the little one while I’m gone for three weeks. Jennifer will have to hold down the fort and keep the hype building on the book.

Once I’m back though – look out 2010! One Too Many Blows To The Head is only going to get bigger.

Here’s how to win free books:

I am having a Free ebook giveaway of the latest thrillers! Tell us an experience based on one of the new releases, and you might win that ebook. Click here for information.

J.B. Kohl invites you to “Tell Me About it. Maybe I’ll Give You A Book.” Write a 500 word short story about a flawed character. Click here for information.

JJ Dare is sponsoring a “False World” Story contest. All you have to come up with is 50 words. Click here for information.

If writing isn’t your thing, Pat Bertram is having a Treasure Hunt! Click here for information.

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  1. Fun competitions and congratulations on the book. Congratulations on the daughter too – hope all goes smoothly for you all.

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