Finding Madelyn

Dearest Madelyn,

It’s February of ’47. I haven’t seen you in three years. I’m not even sure where to send this, you weren’t here when I got home. But this you already know.

What you probably don’t realize is that a day hasn’t gone by without you with me. The memory of you hiding behind your mama. The image of you hanging sheets in the backyard, the sun gleaming off your dark hair. So many memories that kept me hopeful. Then I came home and you were so gone that I’ve yet to find you.

I talked to Aunt Vicky, she misses you, but couldn’t help me in my search. She could only tell me east. Of course, I’m in Washington, everything is east. I’ve sent letters to every person I know. All the buddies I made while I was away. They all saw that picture of you, the one in the pink dress, they are looking too.

I’m not sure what I will do when I find you. Probably start with more questions than you will ever be able to answer. What happened to the county payroll the night you left is on that list. How you ended up engaged to my brother, it’s up there too.  Where you’ve been, have you been happy, do you miss me… Too many questions.

When I find you, I will find my answers as well.

Galen Langley

Maddy cover copy

Read more to learn what happens when Galen finds Maddy in Finding Madalyn coming soon.


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7 responses to “Finding Madelyn

  1. Oh, that sounds really good. When is it coming out?

  2. Sounds cool – lovely atmosphere behind the words – and on the cover.

    • Thanks Sheila. We went through about four covers before this one hit. As authors we’ve done several interviews with our characters. I thought presenting Galen to the world would go well in a letter.

  3. This is a good book, Of course I have a inside line since I get to read it before anyone else. You’ll fall in love with Galen and Maddy and want to smack them both a time or two.

  4. Sounds great, Suzette! I’m an avid reader (I read everything from Iris Johansen to Elmore Leonard). I’ll have to put you on my list of authors. 🙂

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