Casper-Friendly-Ghost-1I have to admit, I love a good ghost story. Regardless of how many nights I may lay awake terrified, I just can’t get enough of them. In fact, I’ve even been known to go in search of ghosts and spirits from time to time-I need my own stories to tell, after all. I have a few, but the one that impacted me the most involves a close friend and a Ouija board. Since my hubby has always refused to play Ouija with me, I decided to invite a friend over who would, on a night when hubby had to work.

We lit candles, took the appropriate “protection” measures and then settled in to start asking our questions. I should mention that at the time, we lived on the 5th floor of a pre-war building in Harlem-we don’t get these kinds of stories now that we live in a new building. But I digress…

It didn’t take long for a spirit to come through, and it became evident after a while that we were dealing with a child. Since we don’t communicate in the same way a confused spirit might, there was a great deal of confusion on both ends of the Ouija. But my impression was that the child had died in that apartment-or building, at least- and was looking for his family. The encounter nearly broke my heart and both my friend and I were bawling by the end of it, thanks to the repeated “mama mama mama” that the spirit kept spelling out. I’m getting a little choked up just thinking about it now.

Needless to say, while it may have been a “fun” thing to believe in ghosts up until that night, I’ve never doubted the existence of spirits since then.

What about you? Are you a believer? And do you have any good ghost stories for me?

Jerrica Knight-Catania is the author of A Gentleman Never Tells, soon to be published by Second Wind Publishing.


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9 responses to “Ghosts!

  1. Lucy Balch

    I believe in ghosts and spirits. After my dad died, I was visiting his grave site (maybe a month after) and his spirit visited me. I had just been talking out loud, hoping he could hear, and was getting ready to leave. I told him I loved him and he–incredibly loud and clear–said he loved me too.
    My sister and I used to do Quija board when we were little. It’s fun!

  2. Oh, wow, Lucy! I bet that was an amazing moment! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Chris

    yikes! That story creeps my out! I agree with hubby, I won’t go near a Oija board either!

  4. amydetrempe

    I won’t tell my personal ghost story but I have a Quija board story. I was about 12 at the time and my cousin was 13 and the “older” cousins, my siblings included, were in the basement with the Quija board. They wouldn’t let us down there because we were too young. Anyway, my cousin waited until they were into it by about fifteen minutes. We could hear them through the heating vent. It helped that this was an older house. Anyway, at the appropriate time he whispered a low “ooooo” into the vent. Seconds later we could hear all their feet pounding up the stairs. We laughed so hard. It was fun to get back at the older kids who thought we were too young and would spook to easily.

  5. That’s hilarious, Amy! You must have scared the crap out of them! So funny 🙂

  6. LOL, Chris. I actually haven’t been near one since that night, probably 8 years ago or so. Mainly because no one will play with me, but I also didn’t sleep for a week!!

  7. It seemed odd when we came to the States to see Ouija boards in the stores. I thought they only existed in stories or Victorian sceances. So no stories of my own. I’ve never even seen one out of its box.

  8. Sheila, that’s so funny…Ouija boards are a really common “kid” thing here, so it’s funny to think that you thought they only existed in Victorian seances. I’m not sure they wouldn’t be better off left there, though…

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