Let the games begin!

I can feel it … Love Trumps Logic is nearing its release date, and I’m about to transition from being a proofreader of my book into being a promoter of my book. The idea of self-promotion is a bit scary, but—thankfully—Second Wind Publishing does a lot to help their authors get the word out. A release party last month introduced four new books onto the writing scene: Staccato by Deborah Ledford, School of Lies by Mickey Hoffman, Loving Lydia by Amy De Trempe, and Buried at Wolf Lake by Christine Husom. Readers could sneak a peek into the books because the first chapters were made available … and they are still available if you revisit “Goodies and Giveaways” (September 29th) in the WordPress blog files of Second Wind Publishing.

Two free downloads were part of the promotion: a Romance Sampler and a Mystery Sampler, which both featured first chapters from many Second Wind Publishing books, both released and unreleased. If you happened to download the Romance Sampler, you got the un-proofed first chapter of Love Trumps Logic. I’d love readers to compare it to the revised first chapter when my book is finally released, and tell me what you think of the changes. I think the new first chapter is a more satisfying read, but others might disagree.

Love Trumps Logic‘s first planned promotion will be in the form of a Clue game that Second Wind Publishing’s Amy DeTrempe has put together. It will come out just in time for Halloween, and will feature excerpts from many of the Second Wind books as clues. To give you a sampling, here’s the Clue excerpt from Love Trumps Logic:

Beau slipped the hard-won bracelet back into its gray velvet sack and pulled the drawstring tight when, from somewhere behind him, a small hand appeared and snatched it from him. He whirled around and caught sight of a boy making a wide circle around him, headed for the exit.  The black-toothed grin was the only thing that gave away his lowly status. Upscale clothes had been a perfect ruse, allowing him to gain entry into the museum.

(You’ll have to read Love Trumps Logic to find out what horrible trouble that bracelet causes.)

So, do you like to play Clue? Then this party’s for you! Mark October 26th on your calendar as Clue day with Amy De Trempe on the Second Wind Publishing WordPress blog. The winner will receive a free copy of Second Wind Publishing’s mystery anthology, Murder on the Wind.

And then … look for many more promotions in the days that follow. I’m not saying that I know what they will be yet. If anyone has any ideas to offer, I’m all ears!

Lucy Balch

Author of Love Trumps Logic, due for release soon from Second Wind Publishing.


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3 responses to “Let the games begin!

  1. What a great clue, Lucy. I wish you all the best for your anxiously awaited release of “Love Trumps Logic.”

  2. christinehusom

    Wonderful writing and a great clue. Something to get people very interested!

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