Savvy Shopping

With everyone shopping smarter in recent times and looking for a better use of their pennies, I thought I’d offer my two cents for what it’s worth.

Coupons: Yes, that humble Sunday ritual that many remember from childhood. Just think of the paper cuts and newspaper ink blackened fingers as change in your pockets. There are even websites that offer printable coupons from major brand names.

Freezer space: No it doesn’t have to be the ten foot long-good to hide a body in-bottomless pit that has sat in my grandmother’s basement stocked full since 1947. Just something big enough to store the great deals in. Which leads me to my favorite money saver.

Sales: My local grocers love doing buy one/get one free sales in their meat departments. Everything from Ribeye and Roast to ground…okay some of that ground stuff I’m not sure what it is.  I stock up, wrap it, and freeze it for those times when there are no sales on good meat. In addition, this is great for holiday savings. We eat out of the freezer for the month of December and spend that well earned savings on presents.

Of course, the buy one/get one free sales are also great for pantry items. Noodles are a big item in my house. Doesn’t matter if it’s angel hair or lasagna it’s an essential staple. Crackers as well, including all those cute little specialty crackers the kids like just because it’s got a cartoon character on it. With a good sale they are cheaper than the off-named brands.

I’ve also recently started to use more frozen vegetables. While I still prefer my broccoli and cauliflower fresh (just because they decimate those beautiful stalks when they chop them up) lima beans, butter beans, corn, and baby carrots are great from the frozen section and you don’t have to worry about them going bad.

Those are a few of my favorite savvy shopping tools. Do you have a shopping tip you’d like to share?

Suzette Vaughn

Author of Badeaux Knights and Mortals, Gods, and a Muse


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5 responses to “Savvy Shopping

  1. Lucy Balch

    Tomatoes aren’t too hard to grow. With a little TLC you can have a proliferation of tomatoes in your back yard…which is so much cheaper than buying them at the store. Plus, the home grown ones taste so good!

    Also, I think there’s definitely some truth about saving money by going to the store with menus planned and a complete list. You spend more money up front, but then you’re able to stay out of the store for a longer period of time. Saves on gas and impulse buying.

    There’s my 2 cents!

  2. I love home-grown vegetables. Too bad my green thumb is a nice shade of brown. My mother sent me information on how to have a garden in pots – great for brown thumbs and for small yards. I am lucky enough to have a healthy satsuma tree. For anyone who doesn’t know what a satsuma is, it’s a smaller tangier orange. They will be in season soon but it takes no time at all for my son to clean off the tree.

  3. Oh boy! I love your living out of the freezer in December idea. I think I might try that one.

  4. Mairead

    Cycle menus. Being married to a chef has it’s up sides (great food) and down sides (ever tried to lose weight around a man who thinks skim milk and non-fat items are a sacrilege?) – but he is great at coming up with cycle menus so that we can save money at the grocery store.

    We’ll scope out the good deals on meats at Costco or Sams, buy, and he’ll plan our menus around the food on hand, incorporating leftovers into the menu so that we don’t have any waste. He will also make larger batches of sauces and certain meals that we can freeze for later.

  5. christinehusom

    Two of my daughters belong to a cooking group. They meet once a month. The hostess buys the groceries in bulk–they assemble the meals which are enough for 1-3 meals in a week, depending on how many are in your family. They do 4 meals and a dessert for pretty cheap.

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