Labor Day GiveAway

You’ve worked hard, you deserve a treat, and we have one for you! Tell us what Second Wind book you’d like to read, and you might win that very ebook. I know this sounds familiar to you — we did this same thing for our birthday celebration just a couple of weeks ago. The giveaway went so well, we decided to do it again.

So, what Second Wind book would you like to read? If you’re not familiar with our books, you can find all of our titles and descriptions here: Second Wind Books. Just mention the name of a book, and if you’re one of the lucky three whose names are picked, you will win a copy of the book you chose.



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28 responses to “Labor Day GiveAway

  1. Valerie

    school of lies sounds interesting

  2. I would love to have Fate And Destiny, please!!!

  3. I would love to have DAUGHTER AM I. It sounds so interesting.

  4. Pat S.

    I’ve already read Spark of Heavenly Fire, and very much enjoyed it. I’d like to either try another by Pat Bertram (More Deaths Than One or Daughter Am I), or try a different author, Safe Harbor by Sherilyn Winrose. Honestly, so many interesting looking books here, it’s hard to choose!

  5. I’d like to have “MORE DEATH THAN ONE” by Pat Bertram.

  6. ohhhh, if I can put in another request….Daughter Am I would be wonderful to have as well.

  7. Shell Bryce

    More Deaths than One would be a great book to win…

  8. I keep a close eye on Pat Bertram’s latest novel due to come out soon, Daughter am I.

  9. Love Trumps Logic…sounds like my relationship! I’ll read anything that doesn’t include someone dying.

  10. dellanioakes

    I want them ALL! “Indian Summer” looks good… 😉

  11. Raonaid Luckwell

    Not sure if the former worked (so if you get doubles I apologize) “Badeaux Knights”

  12. More Deaths Than One by Pat Bertram

  13. chloeev

    I am a HUGE fan of Pat Bertram and cannot wait to find out how someone can have two deaths??

    I would LOVE a copy of ‘More Deaths Than One’

    I will also have to purchase the other book by Pat Bertram, Spark of Heavenly Fire!
    This Give Away is so exciting, I have already told all my friends about it on Twitter and Facebook. I have not known alot about Second Wind Publishing, but through Pat Bertram’s postings, I found the site and have seen a lot on your site.

    I personally like the personable feel of your site. When you get to the other publishers, sometimes they are too big to remember it is the fans that built the company.

    Thank you for a chance at this great give away!
    Mary Evans


  15. I would love to read A Spark of Heavenly Fire by Pat Bertram.

  16. Mary E. Burt

    Well, I would like Staccato, by Deb Ledford. She read parts to our writing group, thus I know it’s a smashing good read!

  17. More Deaths Than One by Pat Bertram sounds like a keeper. What a fun way to celebrate.

  18. I’d love to read Staccato. It sounds intriguing.

  19. “Staccato”, by Deborah J Ledford, would be great 🙂

  20. Yvonne

    All look great, though from those shown the following look most appealing:

    More Deaths than One

    Badeaux Knights


    Who Will Win Nora’s Soul

    The Runaway

  21. Lacey Took a Holiday–I loved the excerpt. Celia

  22. Okay, I’m late – labored hard my Labor Day taking son back to college. Staccato would be my choice, since I’ve heard so much about it recently.

  23. MuchAdoAboutSomething

    Hand-Me-Down Bride by Juliet Waldron. Sounds like a very interesting story.

  24. I’d like to try More Deaths Than One by Pat Bertram.

  25. If I won, I would love to read Pat Bertram’s “Daughter Am I”. That would be my pick!

  26. Jennifer Beasley

    Daughter Am I, sounds like an amazing book! It would be an interesting read, one I could not lay aside without reading the entire book.

  27. Congratulations to the winners of our Labor Day GiveAway!

    Lori: Fate and Destiny

    Donna Brown: Carpet Ride

    Mary Evans: More Deaths Than One

    If you don’t receive your ebook in the next couple of days, be sure to check your spam folder. Sometimes they end up in there.

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