Revivin’ the Drive-In

The drive-in – not just for making out!

 If you’ve never been to a drive-in movie, you are missing a part of Americana that is surely going to be extinct soon.

I don’t care if you call me a hick or archaic or an archaic hick. There’s nothing like loading my truck up with lawn chairs, the cushions off my couch, a full cooler, all  of the kids, and parking in front of a huge screen in the dark. We lounge around in the bed of the truck, seated comfortably on the couch cushions while the big kids hang out on the tailgate or in the lounge chairs and the little kids curl up on a stack of pillows and blankets. We take fast food or pizzas in with us and the cooler is full of snacks and sodas.

The local drive-in is cheap, only about $6 for an adult and about $4.50 for kids 11 and younger and we can stay and watch two movies in a row for the price of one. Last weekend, we saw “UP”. The second feature was the Hannah Montana movie and my daughter and I wanted to stay, but the four males in our family outvoted us, two of them threatening a murder – suicide if we didn’t leave after “UP” was over. I almost stayed just to prove they wouldn’t go through with it, but part of me was worried they would.

The drive-in is much better than a jammed movie theater. I hate those places. I haven’t been inside of a movie theater since 1994. Honestly. The movie I saw was “Sixth Sense”.

I remember sitting in the crowded theater thinking, “No one in here will shut up, I’m sick of hearing cell phones, the guy behind me is drunk and about to upchuck on my neck, and if there’s a fire, I’m going to die.”

I don’t have those thoughts at a drive-in.

Besides, if it’s a crappy movie, I didn’t waste a ton of money and I can look up and watch the stars instead.


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5 responses to “Revivin’ the Drive-In

  1. They were fun. Rather hard to find one of those now. At least around here.

  2. mickeyhoffman

    Only went once when I was a teenager. Only thing I really remember is that after I got home I got in trouble for eating a White Castle hamburger, which my dad said had pork in it.

  3. dellanioakes

    When I was a kid, we used to go to the drive in. There isn’t one where we live now and the other closed long long long ago. It was fun though. My mom used to load us up in our pj’s with pillows and blankets & if we fell asleep, that was okay.

    It’s a concept lost on younger generations. (And I can’t help wondering how many of them were conceived in a drive in….)

  4. christinehusom

    We used to have one in our town. There is one west of here about 30 miles I hear is fun, Brings back memories when I was young in the 60’s and 70’s. Your thoughts of your last inside movie were too funny!

  5. I love going to the drive-in but the closest one is an hour away. Even so, we were there last week to see Shrek 4.

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