Congratulate the Winner of the Second Wind Short Story Contest!

Murder_on_the_wind-150x224On July 11th, Sheila Deeth posted an article on saying: I entered Second Wind Publishing’s “Murder in the Wind” competition, and my short story is one of three short-listed for inclusion in the anthology. Now I just need to garner some votes and I might get published in the same volume as Pat Bertram and other favorite authors…Well, at least I can dream.

Today Sheila’s dream — at least that one — came true. Her short story, “Jack” is the winner of Second Wind Publishing, LLC’s “Murder is on the Wind” Contest!

Sheila’s reaction? I really won! I’m really going to have my story published in Second Wind’s mystery anthology! With Pat Bertram and other real authors! I’m so thrilled!  It’s a good job it’s evening, ’cause I’m flying over the moon.

We are thrilled to include Sheila’s story “Jack” in our up-coming mystery and crime anthology. Congratulations, Sheila! 

The competition was fierce, and we received an overwhelming number of exceptional entries for this contest. In fact, there were so many excellent short stories that the Second Wind staff selected an additional twelve entries plus the two other finalists to appear in a second anthology entitled “Mystery on the Wind.”


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10 responses to “Congratulate the Winner of the Second Wind Short Story Contest!

  1. Thank you Pat, and everyone else at Second Wind. I’m still over the moon, heading for Mars I think. Be back later…

  2. Congratulations to Sheila and to all the other contestants whose stories will be in “Mystery on the Wind.” There were a lot of really good entries.

  3. Sheila, these are comments left on the Second Wind Facebook site for you:

    Lee Gimenez, Michele Chambers, and Sherri Hansen all said congratulations.

    Steve Prosapio wrote: Yay Sheilia! I really enjoyed your story!!!

    Helen M. Collins wrote: Yes! Sheila, High Five

  4. jalex

    Congratulations, Sheila! I loved “Jack.” I hope it’s the beginning of a wonderful writing career.

  5. Congratulations, Sheila! I am honored that my story will be published in same anthology as yours.

  6. Congratulations, Sheila! You certainly received my vote for #1.

  7. Margay

    Congratulations, Sheila! Is it okay to say I was rooting for you? (I don’t want to upset anyone else.) Anyway, I’m happy for you. Enjoy your success!

  8. dellanioakes

    Way to go Sheila!!!

  9. christinehusom

    Wow–many congrats Sheila!

  10. Oh wow! Thank you. You’ve no idea – no, probably you have a perfectly good idea – how much your support encourages me. Thank you so much!

    (Oh, and Mars is beautiful, but someone said there might be a hole in Jupiter…)

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