Lists to Ponder and Plans to Make

Though it is still little over a month away, and I have plenty of time to plan, I find myself visiting the Romance Writers of America website to review the conference line-up.  I attended for the first time last year and enjoyed every last minute.  There was a short time however, in the late morning on Saturday, when I sat down in the lounge with my friends and knew I could not move. I thought it impossible to add even the tiniest bit of information into my overly saturated brain.

Wednesday will be an easy day.  I will wander in sometime to register and then show up for the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing.  Did you know that more than 500 authors participate in this charity event?  This is where the first list comes in. I’ve already read through it once and there are so many names of my favorite authors that I can’t decide which books I want to purchase.  The Literacy Autographing is also the place where I got my first piece of advice.  When it is your first conference, you have a ribbon that says “First Timer”.  Victoria Alexander, whose books I love, saw the ribbon and told me to pace myself.  Boy, was she right.  I may not have gotten it last year, but I will certainly heed it this year.

As for Thursday and the remainder of the conference, I am at a loss.  Too many wonderful workshops and so little time. I guess I will keep reading and picking and changing my mind until I get there.

How about you? Do you attend the RWA Conference? Do you have a plan of attack on how to make the most of the experience? Any suggestions on which workshops are not to be missed?  Having been only once, I still consider myself a newbie and welcome any advice.  And if you do plan to attend, I would love to meet any of the fans of our wonderful Second Wind authors.

Amy De Trempe is the author of Loving Lydia and Pure is the Heart, coming soon from Second Wind


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7 responses to “Lists to Ponder and Plans to Make

  1. Julie

    I’m a first timer, so I don’t have any advice, but I will heed the pace yourself motto.

  2. I’ve been to one National Conference, and wish I was going this year, too. I hope to attend another regional conference later this year, or next spring. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. Gail

    Great blog, as always. I hope you have a wonderful time at nationals.


  4. Glenda

    Good luck. You have tread where I look forward to. 🙂

  5. princessjewel78

    You know I’ll be there!!! I’m so excited! Lauren Willig is one of the most brilliant people and authors I’ve ever met, so her workshop is NOT to be missed! Otherwise, my plan of attack is to follow you and Jodie around 🙂

  6. I made it to one writing conference and loved it. Have a wonderful time!

  7. christinehusom

    It sounds like a fun and educational–maybe at times overwhelming. I’ve never been to a writer’s conference. Enjoy!

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