A Spark of Heavenly Fire Is In the Spotlight!

Second Wind Publishing is spotlightling my novel A Spark of Heavenly Fire this week.  The story is oddly relevant right now, in that it tells the story of  people living through an epidmic of a deadly flu-like disease. Colorado is quarantined to keep the outbreak from turning into a pandemic. I wish I could say that the horrors of the quarantine and martial law are figments of my imagination, but the truth is they are based on executive orders that Clinton signed. If such an event does transpire, it will not be a pleasant experience.

 The first chapter of A Spark of Heavenly Fire is posted on the Second Wind Website, and I am hosting a discussion on The What, When and Where of Reading at our Facebook group. For the discussion, I asked:

Some of us in this group are published writers, some of us are trying to become published, some of us are just beginning to learn how to write, but one thing we all have in common is that we are readers. So, let’s talk about reading.

I read anything and everything, though I prefer books that can’t easily be slotted in a genre, books that make me think, such as Kate Wilhem’s early works. Those novels were classified as science fiction, though they were so much more. Mostly now I read when I eat, though for much of my life I’d read in bed at night and end up staying awake to finish whatever book I was reading.

What about you? What do you like to read, when do you like to read, and where do you like to read?

If you aren’t yet a member of the group, please join us for literary fun, discussions, and contests. In the next few weeks, we will be posting information about a short story contest that Second Wind is going to sponsor, but I’m letting you in on the secret now so you can get a head start on writing the best short crime/mystery story. The winner will be included in an anthology Second Wind will be releasing later this year, and the winner will also receive three free copies of the anthology.

Meantime, what do you like to read, when do you like to read, and where do you like to read?

Pat Bertram is the author of A Spark of Heavenly Fire and More Deaths Than One, available from Second Wind Publishing.

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  1. Hello. Enjoyed reading this. Good title for an interesting book. I like to read, especially thrillers/mystery, or anything that has a lot of drama.


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