Featured Author

I am the featured author at Second Wind this week! That’s pretty cool. It means that they put my face up there and the cover of my book, Images of Betrayal. There’s also a little about the book, and a little about me. And as a bonus, the entire first chapter is posted! There’s even another nice little surprise, a sneak preview of my next book, Seeds of September.

First, go to here, (But make sure you come back to wordpress): Second Wind Publishing Featured Author

See? That’s cool, huh? You can look around a little. I’d really like that. You can buy Images of Betrayal as a book or an ebook. You can pick it up on Amazon for the kindle too. My other book, Fate and Destiny is out there in those formats too. And if you want it for the Iphone, or palm reader, or in a ton of other formats, you can buy the books from Smashwords.

Okay, there’s more. Come talk to me. I hosted a discussion on facebook, too. You don’t have to discuss my topic if you don’t want to. I’d be tickled pink if you would just come say “hi”!

And while you’re on Facebook, I’d love to be your friend, so click on my name and add me and leave some graffiti on my wall. Claire Collins

I have a couple of blogs too. One is for all of the Second Wind Publishing Family, and the other is All Mine.

How about videos? Here’s the trailer for Images of Betrayal.

I think that’s most of it. Thanks for coming to visit and my little tour of the Internet and Images of Betrayal. I’d love to hear from you!



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7 responses to “Featured Author

  1. So cool! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks! Everyone will be up here at some point.

  3. Just watched your trailer. Great music! I can’t wait to read your book.

  4. dellanioakes

    I am a HUGE Images of Betrayal fan and a great fan of Claire Collins! I love this book. It’s one that I will read for years to come until I’ve memorized it.

    By the way, I love David and I wish I had a chance to marry him because he’s adorable. Just sayin’! *wink*

  5. You guys are so great. What do you think of Ty Dellani?

  6. christinehusom

    I started to read your book and had to make myself put it down until I could come just a little closer to catching up! But can’t wait to read both your published and soon-to-be published books–you’re a great writer!!

  7. Aww thanks Chris! I’m still working through the ones I have too. I’m reading Dellani’s now and then I have to pick between you and Norm. You guys make it tough to choose, I’ve heard repeatedly that Carpet Ride and Murder in Winnebego County are both excellent.

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