The wonderful world of E-books and the migraine that ensues!

 I have loved the thought of ebooks since they came out years ago. While I personally love having the actual book with real pages to flip through, I see so many advantages to ebook availability.

 Vacations, where you have a limited amount of space to start with, especially with the limit on baggage on planes these days, it is far simpler to take one piece of electronics than several books.

Space, can we start in my computer room? The shelves are filled with a few of my favorites. I go through every few months and clean the shelves recycling those books that looked so good but neither I nor my husband will read again. And still some how they stay filled. It would be much simpler to fill a hard drive with these titles.

Libraries, and their community programs. I’ve heard several people who just live to far from libraries to take advantage of their vast selection and many counties offer mailing services to them and disabled citizens. Now they are adding ebooks which is much more cost effective.

 Now for the migraine part.

I’ve spent weeks researching ebook options for Second Wind. So many formats available. And why are there so many? Each company that puts out a new reader wants you to use theirs. Not a bad thought for them, head ache for publishers and readers alike.

Second Wind’s copyright concerns. I’d love to say no one would ever wish to do something illegal with offered ebooks but even I’m not that naïve. We do have to protect our copyright and make the ebooks as user friendly as possible. This is one part of ebooks that have come a long way from the start.

 The good news!

Second Wind Publishing titles will be out in ebook very soon. How soon? The next few days to the next few weeks.

Much like everything else we do, we are trying to do it unique.

 With that, we’d love to know what your favorite format is. How do you normally decide on an ebook, or if your selections differ from your paper bound books? Please also share your personal thoughts on ebooks in general.

 Happy Reading!


Suzette Vaughn, Author, reader, and for the moment, migraine free!


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4 responses to “The wonderful world of E-books and the migraine that ensues!

  1. I can’t really offer an opinion on reading formats, Suzette. I confess, I’ve never read an e-book. I’m not ready to plunk down money for a reader. I thought about it, but then I ran into what you did–which reader to buy and why can’t there be a universal reader? Use Stanza and down load it to my phone? Not an option because my phone screen is too small. I have a 2″ led screen, well lit, but still, it’s a pain in the patootie dealing with text messages, much less a book. Some have i-pods which has a reader capability. I know some are happy with mobi.

    I can see the space saving value of having books downloaded. I know eventually I will get one. E-books are here to stay and there are many good books out there available that aren’t available in print.

    Happy hunting.

  2. christinehusom

    Hey, I have those same bookshelves in my house–decisions, decisions! Thanks for the research you are doing to keep Second Wind on the cutting edge. I appeciate the concept of e-books and some day may surprise myself and become an e-reader myself!!

  3. Suzette, this is a good question, one I have no answer for. Remember Betamax? Probably not. They were the first video recorders for television. Though it was probably a better product than VCR, the VCR became the recorder/player of choice. And then, of course, VCRs gave way to DVDs, and now high definition DVDs also have competing technologies — HD DVD and Blue Ray, with Blue Ray (perhaps) becoming the winner. I’m sure the same thing will happen with ebook technology, but I have no idea which will be the winner.

  4. I agree that books should be available in as many formats as possible. Remember records and record players? In 30 years, we progressed from records to cassette’s to CD’s to MP3’s. Not to mention youtube and xm radio.

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