Patting Your Back

Encouragement goes a long way when you are a writer. No matter where it comes from, it is the fuel that keeps you going – especially, when you sink into a writer’s funk.

I’m just now climbing out of that funk after family commitments and a serious illness set me back a few months. In my mind, I felt I had lost touch with the writer inside of me. That is a horrible feeling for someone who is in love with writing.

This week, a friend of mine who has a very popular celebrity gossip site endorsed my book. In a few personal emails, she told me how proud she was of me. This is coming from someone I have only known over the Internet, someone who has yet to read my book, but her words were just what I needed to hear.

My family and close friends always ask about my writing and they are all very supportive. But, to have a person who does not know you personally to pat you on the back is totally different. Since they do not have a personal stake in you, this type of support is special.

Not that my family and friends’ support is not crucial. Without it, my writing would have slowed down and become a hobby instead of a life choice. They are the core of my support group; they sustain and maintain me.

Cynics will always be around. There will always be a few people who criticize and brutalize what you have written. No one can please everyone – it is just the way of the world.

Never give up. There are readers out there who will love what you write and will be hungry for more. That may be all the encouragement you need to complete your next great book.

Even though I may not know you, I want to say I am proud of you. Anyone who publishes what they have written is taking a chance – that is true bravery in our wonderful writing world.

J J Dare is the author of “False Positive” and “False World,”
the first two novels in the Joe Daniels’ trilogy


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3 responses to “Patting Your Back

  1. Thanks. It’s so true, a compliment can fuel me for months! Family and friends compliments are great, but those from the industry, more detacted from the situation mean that much more, don’t they?

    Thanks again for the post. Press on, my writing friend.

  2. Mairead

    Good post, JJ. I agree, that encouragement received at the right moment can even overcome writer’s block.

  3. Honey, I am proud of you too! I missed you a lot at the Valentine’s signing, but we will make sure you catch the next one even if we have to bring it to you!

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