Welcome to the Land of No “No”s

Are you a writer?

Welcome to the place where the publisher doesn’t say “no.”

Those of us at Second Wind Publishing, LLC, decided that we were going to do almost everything differently.  When people submit queries and manuscripts to us, they may get a lot of different responses, but “no” is very rarely one of them.

This doesn’t mean we’re a “vanity press” that will publish anybody. We’re not. We only publish manuscripts that are deserving, and we pay writers, not vice versa.

The way it works is this: a writer sends an email with a synopsis and the first chapter of the manuscript to our submission address: mike@secondwindpublishing.com.  If the manuscript is wonderful, outstanding and the best thing since War and Peace, we ask for additional chapters or perhaps the entire text in subsequent emails.  More likely, when we get the manuscript we will read it, edit it (in red), make some suggestions, ask some questions and send it back to the author.  Then we wait to see what the author’s going to do with it.

One of the worst experiences a writer can have is to send in a manuscript to a publisher (or an agent for that matter), wait six months (or sometimes only six day) and get a letter back that says, “Thanks for your submission, but your manuscript does not meet our currently publishing needs.”  Any writer worth her or his salt, after that initial moment of let-down, will respond with the frustrated question: “Why?  Why doesn’t it meet your requirements?”

If nothing else, when you as an author submit to Second Wind you’re going to get feedback.  You’re going to get constructive comments and you have the liberty to respond.  You can rewrite and resubmit.  You can tell us to take a hike, that we don’t know what we’re talking about and don’t recognize genius.  You get to be part of the process.  More than once this refining procedure has resulted in acceptable manuscripts that ended up being contracted by Second Wind.

One caveat: sometimes authors submit manuscripts that are not in the genres we publish.  We publish romance, crime/mystery, action/adventure and mainstream fiction.  Soon we hope to move into other genres-though we aren’t there yet.  So, if someone sends us a novel that falls outside our guidelines, then we will say “no” (but we’ll also explain why). –Mike

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