Leaping into the Unknown

Next week, I will be involved in my first book signing for my first published novel in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, home of our publisher, Second Wind Publishing.


When I agreed to attend the first ever group signing, I did so with an uncustomary leap into the unknown. I am a planner – I plot and mark every aspect of a situation before I make a final decision. In my most recent employment, a large part of my job was as a logistics coordinator and planner, a demanding job which required fact-gathering and analysis.


Logistic planning carries over into my personal life. If I am going on a trip, I map everything down to the pit stops along a route. In the same vein, shopping is always strategically laid out. I plan each stop to minimize gas consumption and time. I rarely deviate from my shopping lists. In these areas, I am meticulous.


My writing, however, is just the opposite. I am spontaneous and off the cuff. I do not stick to an outline when writing; I let myself go. I leap and jump and flip around, and sometimes I land on my feet while other times I bounce like a ball.


This part of my psyche took over when I was invited to join the book signing. With only a slight hesitation, I committed to joining some of my fellow writers on this adventure.


Our joint book signing is a journey into the unknown. While my reticent self should be anxious, I am happily excited the closer it gets. I am already mapped out, planned out, and prepared to hit the road.


Tomorrow, I start packing J



J J Dare is the author of “False Positive” and “False World,”

the first two novels in the Joe Daniels’ trilogy

* * *

Winston-Salem, NC, book signing info:


* * *

Writer specific event details:

Blog on MySpace: Book Signing Details


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