Your Chance to Have a Story Published by February

            First I’d like to thank the Second Wind literary people for allowing a publishing guy to actually write something-besides sales reports and royalty checks.

            In case you have not heard, there is a short story contest taking place on a literary website many of us frequent: (you can find the proper page to check this out at  The winner of this contest will have her or his short story published in an anthology of romance short stories to be published in time for sale on Valentines Day, 2009 (while you’re at it, you might want to go and vote on which book cover you like best at

            Here’s how you win: 1) go to the first page listed above and join the Genre Creatives Challenge group; 2) share with the group your story (theme: “True Love’s First Kiss”; maximum length 5000 words); 3) make sure you post your story before Dec. 31; 4) write me if you have any problems (  If you win the contest and have your story published, you will receive three free copies of Love Is In The Wind.

            Say.  This creative writing is fun.  You suppose the literary types would let me write one of the love stories for the anthology?  Back in 7th grade there was this girl who absolutely broke my heart, but just before we moved out of town . . .  Well, some of us are romance writers and some aren’t, I guess.

-Mike Simpson

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