A completely new life!

As a writer, there are many things you will find difficult.

Reading a book without editing as you go.

I now hate finding a typo or font change in a book, of course, I also now sympathize with them, I’d cringe if I found one in my own at this point. I even edit newspapers and magazines as I go.

Pass by a new author’s book.

Nope I can’t do this anymore either. I can’t go straight for my favorite author without at least giving the new guy/girl on the shelf a look. Simply because I do believe in karma.

Free time.

So, you like to sleep. I remember what that was like. Oh and how I miss enjoying a night of peace. A clean house. A clean car. A long hot bubble bath verses a quick shower. I also remember breathing.

Instead, I use my time for advertising, blogging, and occasionally writing.

Anything you want to add to the list as I run off again?

Suzette Vaughn is the author of “Mortals, Gods, and a Muse” and “Badeaux Knights”


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3 responses to “A completely new life!

  1. Free time? What’s that?

    The big change for me right now is that I don’t even have time to write — I’ve been spending all my time and energies on learning how to promote. Wish I could say I’ve figured it out. All I know is that, like you, I am embarking on a completely new life.

  2. I spent all of September and a good chunk of October doing promotions and advertising. I’m now gone back to writing, I enjoy it far more and hope to have the newest book come out around the end of the year. Of course that means I will be back to the promoting and advertising.

  3. I’ve gone back to writing too. I got burnt out on promotion very quickly. I will write for a couple of weeks, then hopefully get back to promoting!

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